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TODAY IS: 02/09/2010


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Warning: Do NOT F*ck with Liberty and Freedom


Are you a rightwing extremist? Are you looked at as a potential terrorist?

Find out HERE! Download the PDF where your Govt paints you as the emeny!!



What is going on in this Country?

It is almost as if we are taking a trip down the rabbit hole.



Scroll through and read some thoughts on what is happening.

The thoughts expressed within do not make me an extremist, they make me a Patriot, it is my right and duty to express them!

The very fabric of our Country is stressed to the ripping point.

What are you going to do to help keep America free and safe?

1st thing

"Look at the world from 50,000 feet"

"Not from 10 feet

It looks a lot different"


We are deep into phase "Divide and Conquer"

Republican, Democrat, Black or White, stay United.

United We Stand - Divided We Fall

Are You American First?


As of: 09-23-2009

Current Terror Alert Level:

The official Govt level is still at Yellow.

However with the amount of activity and chatter that has recently been observed we should have already raised the level to orange as a Nation.

Keep your eyes and ears open, we the people are the first line of defense.



Heed This Warning

               This is a warning to any person, Country or entity who would try to take away freedoms from America and the American people. We are a free people who have bled and died in the name of freedom for generations and we are willing to defend these freedoms with our own lives if necessary.

We will defend these freedoms for our families, the generations yet to come, and for those who have given their lives in defense of this great nation. We will not let their sacrifices become a stain in history; we will hold these men and their memory in the highest regard.

  To those who would seek to take away our freedoms heed this warning…

We are the people of the United States of America and we will defend her.

See, I am only one man, but I know I am not alone.

Heed This Warning

The most important right is Freedom of speech

The second most important is the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd protects the 1st

Any questions?

Comments on the commentary page?

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Update: 02/09/2010

Hey you stupid F'n pieces of shit SEIU!!! Why don't you come and threaten me?!?!

I HATE this health care bill and will do whatever is in my power to make sure it fails and to make sure you fail as well!!

This health care bill is a JOKE and WE THE PEOPLE know it!!

This bill WILL get scrapped and sent to the shredder!!

This whole administration is a JOKE just like SEIU and ACORN are a JOKE!!

How does it feel to get TEABAGGED?!?! ... FOOLS!!!




Update: 02/06/2010

So, what does the 2nd Amendment mean to you?

Let's take a look at it... shall we?...

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bare Arms, shall not be infringed.


Did ya take a look at it and read it? Read it again...

What does that mean to you? ... To me it means that it is We The Peoples right and duty to own Arms. This way we can form Militias when and if the time comes where we as the People need to defend our Constitution, liberty and freedoms.

It does not say a damn thing in there about duck hunting...

It is the RIGHT of the people to keep and bare arms so they can come together and form Militias if and when the time comes.

The Militia mentioned above IS NOT a reference to the National Guard or our Nations military. It is a direct relation to a Militia formed by "We The People"

How anyone can see that any differently is beyond me. They have to willfully and knowingly misinterpret the 2nd Amendment in order to argue against it.





Update: 01/26/2010

I'm just having such a great time watching the Dems squirm since the Brown win.

I hope to be back posting some more thoughts soon.

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Thank you!



Update: 01/20/2010


Next stop is November!!

This is OUR Country!

WE THE PEOPLE are the true Conservators of this GREAT NATION!!


Update: 01/19/2010

There is abundant evidence that our cities are safer with guns. One of the most remarkable examples of this simple maxim is Washington, D.C.

There is abundant evidence that our cities are safer with guns. One of the most remarkable examples of this simple maxim is Washington, D.C.

Thirty-two years ago, lawmakers banned gun ownership in D.C. Over the next three decades, the murder rate in the nation’s capital skyrocketed 134 percent. Yet in the two years since a federal appeals court overturned the D.C. ban of handguns, the incidence of gun violence has dropped dramatically. The example of Washington only reinforces what scientific research has long since discerned: Strict gun laws do not work. Indeed, the cities with the most restrictive gun laws — Washington, Chicago, New York and California — consistently rate among the highest level of violent crime in the country. In New Jersey, the murder rate jumped 46 percent in the two years since lawmakers enacted what they called "the most stringent gun law" in the country.

Though these results may seem counterintuitive, they have a simple explanation. Strict gun control does not reduce crime because it does not keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. Criminals do not abide by waiting periods or registration requirements. The only people affected by these so-called “gun control” measures are law-abiding citizens, who are rendered less able to resist crime.

According to a 1993 survey conducted by Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck, approximately 2 million law-abiding citizens per year use guns to resist crimes. Get it? Guns give victims the ability to fight back against violent criminals. And whereas strict gun control measures would not be likely to inhibit criminals (they do, after all, break the law for a living), it would strip law-abiding citizens of the ability to defend themselves against violent attacks. The undeniable implication: Less — not more — stringent gun control makes our society safer.



Today is the day Scott Brown WINS MA and we get our Country back on track!!





Update: 01/13/2010

We NEED to get Scott Brown elected in Massachusetts!!

If you have not yet donated and you can afford it in this economy PLEASE donate to his campaign!

You can find info on how you can help here:


Click the above link and help correct this train wreck we are on!!


Your attention is NEEDED!

The U.S. aggrees to UN Timetable on gun ban.... Knowledge is power, READ!


The United Nations and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are moving forward with their plan to confiscate your guns.

The United States joined 152 other countries in support of the Arms Trade Treaty Resolution, which establishes the dates for the 2012 UN conference intended to attack American sovereignty by stripping Americans of the right to keep and bear arms.

Working groups of anti-gun countries will begin scripting language for the conference this year, creating a blueprint for other countries when they meet at the full conference.

The stakes couldn't be higher.




Click the above link to read entire article.



Update: 01/12/2010

Your 2A Right!



Update: 01/07/2010

This Video speaks for itself!

A view of things to come Nov,2,1010

I really, really dislike Nancy Pelosi.... uck...



Update: 01/05/2010

Due to my fathers state of health I am unable to post as much as I would like currently. He is battling pancriatic cancer so please say a brief prayer.

Thank you!

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Update: 12/30/2009

This administration is a dangerous joke to this Country and our security!!

The pres waited THREE DAYS to comment on an attempted attack which could have killed hundreds of people, this is unacceptable. President Bush was ridiculed for not freaking out in front of school children on 911 and this guy takes three days to say a friggn word on an attempt to kill Americans?!?!

The dems and this pres are LOST and have no idea which way is up, they are reactionary and not pro-active in their governing. This is painfully evident by Barry's waiting to see what the reaction would be to Nopalitano's statement before he says a word?? Is that leadership? Nope, it is not... It is cowardice plain and simple.

I just learned that there was another attempt in Nov by a guy coming from Somalia. He had the exact same chemicals and a syringe but he was stopped and arrested before he could board the plane. Didn't hear about that one, did ya??... How many more are waiting in the wings to pull this off... It takes only one to get threw to cost American lives. But we are reactionary now and we are not in a war so I guess we will have to wait until another attack is attempted...

I hold this administration personally responsible for any loss of lives.

When I raised the terror alert level on my site to orange on 9-23-2009 I got quite a bit of flack and I recieved comments that I was "fear mongering" ... To those that made those comments... "Kiss my ass! " and get a clue!

What a fucking lovely state of affairs we are in!!!

Oh, but it's ok because it is all Bush's fault!!!

Does barry know how to take responsibility for anything at all?

I am beyond disgusted...




Update: 12/29/2009


Ask Yourself, why is our Pres NOT saying anything about what is happening in Iran?!?!

We, the United States are the premier spokesmen for freedom in the WORLD and we are sitting back on our asses and not speaking up for these people?!?!

We once again have a fantastic opportunity handed to us in our laps to deal with this regiem in Iran once and for all and we are doing jack shit! !

I am astonished and dumbfounded by our lack of caring!!!

Bullshit Mr. Pres.... bullshit!



Update: 12/26/2009

"We The People"

are the number one suspected terrorists and threat to this Country?


I think we patriots are the saviors of our Republic!! Yes, WE ARE A REPUBLIC!

Of the people, for the people, by the people.

What part of that does this administration NOT understand?

Keep the pressure on and keep the fight going for our Country we all love, America!!


Also, here is a good article from March 09. The Cyber security chief quit in protest of how this admin wants to spy on YOU.

click to read the entire story.

Cyber-security chief resigns in protest

The official in charge of coordinating the U.S. government's cyber-security operations has quit, saying the expanding control of the National Security Agency over the nation's computer security efforts poses "threats to our democratic processes."




Update: 12/25/2009


Merry Christmas to all members SATF on this Christmas Day!

Please remember the true meaning of this day and find it in your heart to do something special for somebody who does not have the ability to do for themselves.

Put a smile on someones face as well, this is a gift that will never ever fade with time and something that the recipient will always take with them where ever life may take them.

Have a wonderful day...

Merry Christmas to you and yours...


To all those spending Christmas away from loved ones and in harms way. Thank you and come home safe.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Update: 12/23/2009

I am going to the Children's Hospital this evening and bringing over 100 shirts to give to the kids. Thank you ALL very much for your business, this allows me to be able to give back and make a childs day a bit better

I am very greatful to each and every customer!!

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Update: 12/22/2009

What a crock of sh*t!!

I am disgusted by this Admin beyond belief. They better start listening to we the people.

Look at his latest polls... Have a good laugh!



His worst one yet! Oh, but he does not pay attention to them?!?!

Yeah right!!

He's crying like a little baby about them!





Update: 12/18/2009

Pray for Peace, Prepare for War...

Anyone find this interesting? Please read, please be prepared...






Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.


The Wall Street Journal reports this week that U.S. investigators are discovering that more and more young Muslims are vanishing from mosques, madrassahs, and Islamic centers.

The disappearances, the Journal notes, are raising grave concerns among FBI and Homeland Security officials who fear that an onset of jahadi activity will take place on American soil in the near future.

Hundreds of Muslim men are also missing from Islamberg and this is not a propitious omen.

The sentry post is gone and no guards are in sight at the entrance to the 70 acre Islamic settlement located in the dense forest between Deposit and Hancock in upper New York State.

Young men in Islamic garb no longer congregate before the makeshift mosque, and no students are in attendance at the one room shack that serves as Sheikh Gilani’s “International Quranic Open University”.

Gunfire no longer can be heard from the firing ranges along the eastern parameter of the property – - and no grunts come from new recruits at the obstacle course.

A new sign at the entranceway reads, “Welcome to Holy Islamberg: The International Quranic Open University.” Next to this sign, which features the image of a mosque emerging from the mountains, is a pot of plastic carnations. Another sign proclaims that the community is home to the “United Muslim – Christian Forum.”

Such statements of welcome are offset by the “No Trespassing” signs that have been nailed to trees throughout the compound.

On the opposite side of the road leading into the community is a rack of metal mailboxes bearing such names as Abdul-Haqq, Abdul Jalil, Mumim Roberts, Abdullah Simonds, and Salam Insan.

What has happened to this once bustling complex of radical Islamists – - a place where the cries of muezzins were accompanied by the incessant rat-tat-tat of machine gunfire? Where are the Arab dignitaries that used to visit this remote community in chauffeur-driven limousines? Where are the armed sentries who warded away all intruders?

A handful of children play in the mud and muck before rows of rusty old trailers, and a few women in full burqas walk along the rutty dirt road that leads to the heart of the squalid Muslim compound.

The few residents who remain in the settlement are not environmentalists. Sewage seeps from septic tanks and outhouses into the creek that flows at the base of the settlement. Bags of rotting garbage remain stacked between the trailers. And the once pristine countryside is now littered with junk cars, moldy mattresses, empty tanks of propane, and old appliances.

Where are the men?

What has happened to this bustling center of jihadi training?

Why has Islamberg become a ghost town?

The same phenomenon of vanishing Muslim men is taking place at mosques, madrassahs, and other Islamic communities throughout the country.

And U.S. investigators have now discovered that the missing men are showing up in the killing fields of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

Five American Muslims recently were recently arrested in Pakistan following a raid at the home of a member of the Jaish-e-Muhammad, a Pakistani movement designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2001.

The five American Muslims – - identified as Ahmed Abdullah, Waqar Hassan Khan, Eman Hassan, Yasir and Rami Zamzam – - were planning to join forces with the Taliban to fight the U.S.-led coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Zamzam is a graduate dental student at Howard University, where he served as president of the Muslim Student Association.

David Coleman Headley, another Muslim who disappeared, is a native of Chicago who attended Lashkar-e-Toiba-operated terrorism training camps in Pakistan and helped Lashker-e-Toiba members and others plan and execute the attacks in Denmark against the newspaper which published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, which Muslims found offensive, as well as the violent attack in Mumbai, in about 170 people died.

At the same time Headley was taken into custody, U.S. investigators discovered that 20 Somali immigrants, who were reported missing from a mosque in Minnesota, had joined the Islamist insurgent group, al Shabaab, and were engaged in fighting Somalia’s U.S.-backed government.

And there is the case of Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year-old resident of Denver, who made a trip to Peshawar, Pakistan, in 2008 for the stated purpose of visiting his wife only to show up at an al Qaeda training camp where he received instruction in making and detonating explosives. In September, Zazi was collared by federal officials as he made his way to New York City to carry out attacks with the same back-pack bombs that were used to blow up a train station in Madrid and several subway stations in London.

Where are the Muslim men from Islamberg?

The answer comes from a heavy-set woman in a long black burqa who stops to check her mail box. “The men – - all gone,” she says in halting English. “All – - in Pakistan.”

Islamberg was established in 1980 by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, a Pakistani cleric who served as the imam of the Yasin Masjid in Brooklyn. A quack practitioner of something called “Quranic psychiatry, Sheikh Gilani presented himself to the Brooklyn congregation as “the sixth Sultan ul Faqr,” with a lineage that dates back to the prophet Mohammed. He claimed to have supernatural powers that came from his regular reception of visits by jinn and “non-human beings.”

Sporting ammunition belts, Gilani called upon members of a Black Muslim street gang known as Dar al-Islam (DAR) to take part in the holy war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Hundreds answered the call and headed off to training camps in Pakistan, which had been established by Osama bin Laden, and other members of the mujahadeen.

Under Gilani’s direction, the DAR transformed into Jamaat ul-Fuqra (“the community of the impoverished”) and continued its prison ministry under Muslims of the Americas, a new, non-profit corporation. The sheikh soon came to realize that it would be financially advantageous to train new recruits for the holy war on American soil rather than shelling out the freight of sending them to Lahore and Peshawar. He purchased a seventy acre parcel of land near Green Haven, set up a firing range and an obstacle course, purchased a slew of old single-wide trailers, and created a paramilitary compound called Islamberg.

When released from the federal prison, former convicts now received not only the customary $10 and a suit of clothes but also a one-way ticket to Gilani’s compound.

What took place at Islamberg and the International Quranic Open University?

The answers came from Sheikh Gilani in his recruitment videos: “We give [students] specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.”

Similarly, in a handbook, published by the university, Gilani wrote that the foremost duty of all students is to wage war against “the oppressors of Muslims.” The students are expected to sign an oath that reads: “I shall always hear and obey, and whenever given the command, I shall readily fight for Allah’s sake.”

Now that the recruits at Islamberg have been trained in the basics of guerilla warfare, they have been deployed to Pakistan for advanced courses in explosives and weapons of mass destruction.

They will be returning home soon.





Update: 12/17/2009

Go back and scroll to 9-27-2009 and you will see that I said this administration would tie this health care bill into the economy. They would tell you that if it did not pass we would go bankrupt as a Country.... WELL GUESS WHAT?!?! I hate to say it... I was right. Mr Bambam came out today and said that if this bill does not pass then the USA will go bankrupt!! WHAT A CROCK OF SH*T!! I hate being right about crap like this but there it is... It is his FAILD spending why we are going bankrupt!!! This guy is a TRAINWRECK!!

Do you spend money you don't have?

If Americans have to and can live within their budgets then why the hell can't our Country?

For Christmas this year my family and I are paying bills and spending time together, we are not buying presents we can not afford and adding onto our bills... What a concept!! Why can't the govt do the same?!?!


You can read about it here:

President Obama: Federal Government 'Will Go Bankrupt' if Health Care Costs Are Not Reined In

December 16, 2009 3:01 PM


I have had just about enough of this shit...

We have a senate preparing to vote on a bill that is not even completed yet and is being prepared behind closed doors by Reid and his pricks... The Republicans are not even allowed to participate in any discussions... this is unnaceptable...

Ya better stop f*cking with our Country

"We The People" are about done letting you...

Take it away Cartman...







Update: 12/15/2009

I posted this up on the Home Page and am posting it again here.

Ya really need to watch it to know what is being planned.


For immediate release

December 15, 2009

For more information, contact::

Ted Novin

Supreme Court Refuses to
Hear Case Against Gun Maker

NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed Beretta U.S.A. and the firearms industry another victory by rejecting the Brady Center's appeal of Adames v. Beretta U.S.A. Corporation challenging the constitutionality of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).

The PLCAA is the 2005 federal law passed by Congress in response to the flood of reckless lawsuits brought by the Brady Center on behalf of anti-gun mayors seeking to hold members of the firearms industry liable for the criminal or unlawful misuse of their products.

This is now the third time this year the Supreme Court has denied a challenge to the PLCAA backed by the Brady Center. In March 2009, the Brady Center was also involved in the appeals of Lawson v. Beretta and City of New York v. Beretta, both of which the Supreme Court refused to hear. Monday's Supreme Court decision in the Adames case is another stinging setback to the Brady Center's failed anti-gun political agenda to destroy the individual right of Americans to keep and bear arms -- a right the Supreme Court declared last year in Heller was protected by the Second Amendment.

The Adames lawsuit was filed by the Brady Center on behalf of a family seeking to hold Beretta responsible for the tragic shooting death of their son, caused solely by the criminal acts of a teenage boy who gained unauthorized access to his father's unsecured service pistol. The case was originally dismissed by a Chicago trial court, subsequently reinstated in part by the Illinois Court of Appeals, and then ultimately found to be barred under the PLCAA by the Illinois Supreme Court. By its decision yesterday, the Supreme Court found it unnecessary to consider the Illinois Supreme Court's well-reasoned decision that held the PLCAA was both constitutional and clearly applicable to this lawsuit.

Representing Beretta in the case was Craig Livingston of the Livingston Law Firm, who after being notified of the Supreme Court's rejection of the appeal remarked, "And so ends a long legal battle -- from the trial court in Chicago, through the Illinois appellate courts, and all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court -- which served only to confirm what has been known since May 5, 2001, namely that this tragic shooting death was caused not by any defect in a Cook County Corrections Officer's Beretta pistol, but rather by its reckless misuse on that fateful day by his teenage son."

Lawrence G. Keane, senior vice president and general counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms industry, applauded yesterday's Supreme Court rejection of the Brady Center's appeal, stating, "Frivolous and unsupported lawsuits such as Adames that attempt to force manufacturers of firearms to pay for the crimes of others over whom they have no control are precisely what the PLCAA is designed to stop."



Update: 12/13/2009

I received the following from a FB Friend and I promised to post it up.

If you live in the area or have the means to attend PLEASE DO!

History is now people, saddle up!


Our year-long battle to prevent a government takeover of our healthcare system is nearing a conclusion, as the Senate is discussing a compromise that may be able to attract the 60 votes necessary to end debate and win passage. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is working day and night to secure the last few votes that he needs to force this $1 trillion-plus boondoggle on all Americans. We need your help to make sure he doesn’t succeed!

Join the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) and thousands of other citizens for a rally and other important events on Tuesday, December 15, in Washington, D.C. Your Senators need to know that you oppose the Obama/Pelosi/Reid vision of healthcare “reform”!  Make your voice heard by participating in the "Government Waiting Room" sit-in events being staged in Senate offices in the morning by our friends at Tea Party Patriots.  Then later in the day, join us at the "Senate Emergency Call" rally on Capitol Hill.  After the rally, we will walk over to the Senate Office Buildings to lobby our Senators face-to-face! 

WHAT: "Government Waiting Room" Sit-in Events and a "Senate Emergency Call" Rally to Prevent a Government Takeover of Our Healthcare!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Organizing for Government Waiting Rooms begins at 8:00 a.m.

Senate Emergency Call Rally begins at 1:30 p.m.


Government Waiting Rooms at Senate Office Buildings
Constitution Ave., NE and 1st Street, NE
Washington, D.C.

Senate Emergency Call Rally at Upper Senate Park
Constitution Ave., NE between New Jersey Ave., NE and Delaware St., NE Washington, D.C.

We need your participation now more than ever!  Help us go the last mile and defeat Obama/Pelosi/Reid healthcare “reform” in the Senate.

Thomas A. Schatz, President



For more information on the above please visit these two great sites!

We are all on the same side!!

Thank You!!


Update: 12/12/2009

So, you want to ask a legit question about "Climate Gate" ...

This could possibly happen to you as well. What the hell people... what the hell...

When they do not want to answer the questions they dodge the question and turn the focus away from the topic at hand, then they vilify the questioner.

It is a standard tactic from the left and is probably printed in a handbook somewhere.

It's a "F'n" JOKE just like this admin!




Update: 12/11/2009

The Pres's judgement is now in question more than EVER!!

1st Van Jones!


2nd Kevin Jennings!

WTF is going on in our Country?!?!?!

How could this guy EVER be in consideration for this position let alone be hand picked by the Pres!!!!!

I qustion the judgement of our POTUS... This is NOT funny, this is OUR COUNTRY!!


This guy HAS TO BE FIRED ASAP or we the people should remove him!!


You want to get pissed off? Watch the below video and meet your "safe school Czar"

This guy has NO BUSINESS even being around a school!!!





Update: 12/10/2009

Harry Reid Sir, you are a piece of crap.

Only the uneducated would or could believe your line of bullshit.

I believe it was the republican party which fought to abolish slavery and it was in fact the democrats who drug their feet on that one pal. Your just a shit ya know...





Update: 12/09/2009

Do you want to know how this piece of shit health care bill is going to pass?

It will pass by pay off's and bribes, I thought bribes were illegal??

Watch this 10 min video...

I'm pissed, how about you?!?!?!

The Dem leadership keeps touting how the GOP has not come to the table with any alternatives... How can they come to the table when the doors are locked to the room where the table is at?!?!?!

The GOP has MANY alt's that they have drafted but the dems will not look at them... What a crock of shit!

And Obama is lying thru his teeth about this WHOLE THING !

Does anyone believe ANYTHING this guy says anymore?

Complete and utter bullshit!




Update: 12/08/2009

I have been saying this for some time now and here it is in black and white...

If this health care bill passes you can bet that the CDC will determine that guns are bad for your health and a ban will come as a result.

Read here:

For a decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been forbidden by Congress from doing research on gun-control issues. Such piddling hurdles as federal law don't matter to the Obama administration.

With a wave of a hand, the CDC has simply redefined gun-control research so the ban no longer applies. They're not researching guns; they're researching alcohol sales and their impact on gun violence, or researching how teens carrying guns affect the rates of non-gun injuries. "These particular grants do not address gun control; rather they deal with the surrounding web of circumstances," wrote National Institutes of Health (NIH) spokesman Don Ralbovsky.

Gun-control advocates claim that banning the CDC from examining gun control amounts to a gag order on science. After all, what can be wrong with further scientific inquiry? But the issue isn't about scientific inquiry. It is whether government resources should be used to promote an ideological agenda.

Take the Obama administration's justification for its new gun research. "Gun-related violence is a public health problem - it diverts considerable health care resources away from other problems and, therefore, is of interest to NIH," wrote the agency spokesman in an e-mail responding to questions from Republican members of Congress about new grants the CDC is giving out. The statement assumes the conclusion of the research before the first study is done.

The research on right-to-carry laws illustrates the problem with the CDC. Dozens of refereed academic studies by economists and criminologists using national data have been published in journals. While the vast majority of those studies find that right-to-carry laws save lives and reduce harm to victims, some studies claim that the laws have no statistically significant effect. But most tellingly, there is not a single published refereed academic study by a criminologist or economist showing a bad effect from these laws.

Look at the refereed academic research on laws that require people to lock up their guns in their homes. The number of accidental gun deaths and suicides of children remain unchanged, but the number of murders and other crimes rises. This is not too surprising as the locks make it more difficult for potential victims to quickly obtain a gun for protection, hence criminals are less likely to be deterred. Accidental gun deaths aren't affected because most involve guns fired by adults with criminal records.

The research on guns that the CDC conducted before the ban - and that "public health" advocates continue to produce - is a joke. The statistical methods to research people's behavior, such as criminal activity, are different from methods used to evaluate drug efficacy, where controlled experiments can be done.

In drug studies, patients don't determine who gets the real drug and who gets the placebo. In real life, gun ownership isn't assigned randomly. People who are more likely to be victims are more likely to own guns. They may still be more likely to be victims even after getting a gun, but are much less likely to be a victim than they would have been if they had never gotten one.

The CDC's brazen end run around restrictions on gun-control research is hardly surprising given that when President Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, it was the largest private funder of gun-ban research in the country. Now he has the resources of the whole federal government.

First we'll get the half-baked studies followed by fawning press coverage. Then Democratic politicians and activists will pretend the gun restrictions they've always wanted were spurred by the new government research.



"I have noted that many elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans, called upon America to unite behind Obama.
Well, I want to make it clear to all who will listen that I AM NOT uniting behind Obama!
I will respect the Office which he holds, and I will acknowledge his abilities as an orator and wordsmith and pray for him, BUT that is it!!!

I have begun today to see what I can do to make sure that He is a one-term President!
It is because I do not share Obama's vision or Value system for America;
I do not share his Abortion beliefs;
I do not share his radical Marxist's concept of re-distributing wealth;
I do not share his view that America is Arrogant;
I do not share his view that America is not a Christian Nation;
I do not share his view that the military should be reduced by 25%;
I do not share his view of amnesty and giving more to illegal's than American Citizens who need help;

I do not share his views on homosexuality and his definition of marriage;
I do not share his views that Radical Islam is our friend and Israel is our enemy who should give up any land;
I do not share his spiritual beliefs (at least the ones he has made public);
I do not share his beliefs on how to re-work the healthcare system in America;
I do not share his Strategic views of the Middle East, and certainly do not share his plan to sit down with terrorist regimes such as Iran.

Bottom line, my America is vastly different from Obama's, and I have a higher obligation to my Country and my God to do what is Right.
For eight (8) years, the Liberals in our Society, led by numerous entertainers who would have no platform and no real credibility but for their celebrity status, have attacked President Bush, his family, and his spiritual beliefs!
They have not moved toward the center in their beliefs and their philosophies, and they never came together nor compromised their personal beliefs for the betterment of our Country! They have portrayed my America as a land where everything is tolerated except being intolerant!

They have been a vocal and irreverent minority for years; they have mocked and attacked the very core values so important to the founding and growth of our Country!
They have made every effort to remove the name of God or Jesus Christ from our Society! They have challenged capital punishment, the right to bear firearms, and the most basic principles of our criminal code; they have attacked one of the most fundamental of all Freedoms, the right of free speech!

Unite behind Obama? Never!
I am sure many of you who read this think that I am going overboard, but I refuse to retreat one more inch in favor of those whom I believe are the embodiment of Evil.
PRESIDENT BUSH made many mistakes during his Presidency, and I am not sure how history will judge him.
However, I believe that he weighed his decisions in light of the long established Judeo-Christian principles of our Founding Fathers!!!
Majority rules in America, and I will honor the concept; however, I will fight with all of my power to be a voice in opposition to Obama and "his goals for America."
I am going to be a thorn in the side of those who, if left unchecked, will destroy our Country!! Any more compromise is more defeat!

I pray that the results of his election will wake up many who have sat on the sidelines and allowed the Socialist-Marxist anti-God crowd to slowly change so much of what has been good in America!

"Error of Opinion may be tolerated where Reason is left free to combat it."

(Thomas Jefferson)

'If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.'
- Ronald Reagan


I do not know who wrote the above but I do agree with them.



Update: 12/07/2009


Dear President Obama:

You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.

You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.

You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don't understand it at its core.

You scare me because you lack humility and 'class', always blaming others.

You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.

You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the 'blame America ' crowd and deliver this message abroad.

You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

You scare me because you prefer 'wind mills' to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

You scare me because you have begun to use 'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations.

You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient.

You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Relllys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.

You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

Lou Pritchett

This letter was sent to the NY Times but they never acknowledged it. Big surprise! Since it hit the internet, however, it has had over 500,000 hits. Keep it going.

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing..
It's happening right now.




Joys of Muslim Women

By Nonie Darwish


In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 1 year
old and have sexual intimacy with this child. Consummating the marriage
by 9.

The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes
his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to
use her as a toy.

Even though a woman is abused she can not obtain a divorce.

To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.

Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and
the family must return the dowry. The family has the right to execute
her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can
beat their wives 'at will' and he does not have to say why he has
beaten her.

The husband is permitted to have (4 wives) and a temporary wife for an
hour (prostitute) at his discretion..

The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life
of the woman.

In the West World (America) Muslim men are starting to demand Shariah
Law so the wife can not obtain a divorce and he can have full and
complete control of her. It is amazing and alarming how many of our
sisters and daughters attending American Universities are now marrying
Muslim men and submitting themselves and their children unsuspectingly
to the Shariah law.

By passing this on, enlightened American women may avoid becoming a
slave under Shariah Law.

Ripping the West in Two.

Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish says the goal of radical Islamists is
to impose Shariah law on the world, ripping Western law and liberty in

She recently authored the book, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The
Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law..

Darwish was born in Cairo and spent her childhood in Egypt and Gaza
before immigrating to America in 1978, when she was eight years old.
Her father died while leading covert attacks on Israel. He was a
high-ranking Egyptian military officer stationed with his family in
Gaza .

When he died, he was considered a "shahid," a martyr for jihad. His
posthumous status earned Nonie and her family an elevated position in
Muslim society.

But Darwish developed a skeptical eye at an early age. She questioned
her ownMuslim culture and upbringing. She converted to Christianity
after hearing a Christian preacher on television.

In her latest book, Darwish warns about creeping sharia law - what it
is, what it means, and how it is manifested in Islamic countries.

For the West, she says radical Islamists are working to impose sharia
on the world. If that happens, Western civilization will be destroyed.
Westerners generally assume all religions encourage a respect for the
dignity of each individual. Islamic law (Sharia) teaches that
non-Muslims should be subjugated or killed in this world.

Peace and prosperity for one's children is not as important as assuring
that Islamic law rules everywhere in the Middle East and eventually in
the world.

While Westerners tend to think that all religions encourage some form
of the golden rule, Sharia teaches two systems of ethics - one for
Muslims and another for non-Muslims. Building on tribal practices of
the seventh century, Sharia encourages the side of humanity that wants
to take from and subjugate others.

While Westerners tend to think in terms of religious people developing
a personal understanding of and relationship with God, Sharia advocates
executing people who ask difficult questions that could be interpreted
as criticism.

It's hard to imagine, that in this day and age, Islamic scholars agree
that those who criticize Islam or choose to stop being Muslim should be
executed. Sadly, while talk of an Islamic reformation is common and
even assumed by many in the West, such murmurings in the Middle East
are silenced through intimidation.

While Westerners are accustomed to an increase in religious tolerance
over time, Darwish explains how petro dollars are being used to grow an
extremely intolerant form of political Islam in her native Egypt and

In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. to
elect the President by themselves! Rest assured they will do so... You
can look at how they have taken over several towns in the USA..
Dearborn Mich. is one... and there are others...

I think everyone in the U.S. should be required to read this, but with
the ACLU, there is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each
of us sends it on!

It is too bad that so many are disillusioned with life and Christianity
to accept Muslims as peaceful.. some may be but they have an army that
is willing to shed blood in the name of Islam.. the peaceful support
the warriors with their finances and own kind of patriotism to their
religion.. While America is getting rid of Christianity from all public
sites and erasing God from the lives of children the Muslims are
planning a great jihad on America ..


Is this what we want in America?!?!

I think NOT!




Update: 12/06/2009

I Ask You...

Is this administration pushing the citizens of the GREATEST COUNTRY on the face of the earth towards a 2nd Revolution?!?!?!


Trying terrorists here on our own soil and giving them rights which are meant for the citizens of this country... NOT for the population of the entire world!! Charging PATRIOTIC Navy SEALS with giving a terrorist a bloody lip while in the process of capturing him!!!


We The People WILL NOT put up with this shit!!

We The People WILL rise up against this shit!!

The time is FAST approaching

This administration had better reverse course and govern by the will of the people.

If they do not, then they better be prepared for the wrath of...



"We The People"

are the


The defenders of Liberty and Freedom!!


I envoke my 1st amendment rights to state the above and there is NOTHING you can do about it!!




Update: 12/03/2009




Congressional candidate Lieutenant Colonel West

Not a telepromter in sight!!

Are you prepared to fight for your Liberty?




Update: 12/02/2009

Have you heard about this yet?!?!

Why is this not being reported on by the Media? Are we afraid to tell it like it is?

What the F*ck over!?!?


Be Aware Of Your Surroundings At ALL TIMES!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Attempted terrorist hijacking dry run is dismissed by Media and TSA Updated Again

Below is an unedited email that was forwarded to me by people I know and trust. I do not know the original quoted individual but if my friends vouch for him, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I will be attempting to verify the story in the meantime. The story was reported by KHOU and Fox News as simply an uncooperative passenger that would not get off his cell phone. That would appear to not be the case. Below is the story that has been forwarded to me originally from a gentleman by the name of Tedd Petruna who is reportedly a diver that works at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab at NASA's JSC:
One week ago, I went to Ohio on business and to see my father. On Tuesday,
November the 17th, I returned home. If you read the papers the 18th you may have seen a blurb where a AirTran flight was canceled from Atlanta to Houston due to a man who refused to get off of his cell phone before takeoff. It was on Fox.

This was NOT what happened.

I was in 1st class coming home. 11 Muslim men got on the plane in full attire. 2 sat in 1st
class and the rest peppered themselves throughout the plane all the way to the back. As the plan taxied to the runway the stewardesses gave the safety spiel we are all so familiar with. At that time, one of the men got on his cell and called one of his companions in the back and proceeded to talk on the phone in Arabic very loudly and very aggressively. This took the 1st stewardess out of the picture for she repeatedly told the man that cell phones were not permitted at the time. He ignored her as if she was not there.

The 2nd man who answered the phone did the same and this took out the 2 stewardess. In the back of the plane at this time, 2 younger Muslims, one in the back, isle, and one in front of him, window, began to show footage of a porno they had taped the night before, and were very loud about it. Now….they are only permitted to do this prior to Jihad. If a Muslim man goes into a strip club, he has to view the woman via mirror with his back to her. (don’t ask me….I don’t make the rules, but I’ve studied) The 3rd stewardess informed them that they were not to have electronic devices on at this time. To which one of the men said “shut up infidel dog!” She went to take the camcorder and he began to scream in her face in Arabic. At that exact moment, all 11 of them got up and started to walk the cabin. This is where I had had enough! I got up and started to the back where I heard a voice behind me from another Texan twice my size say “I got your back.” I grabbed the man who had been on the phone by the arm and said “you WILL go sit down or you Will be thrown from this plane!” As I “led” him around me to take his seat, the fellow Texan grabbed him by the back of his neck and his waist and headed out with him. I then grabbed the 2nd man and said, “You WILL do the same!” He protested but adrenaline was flowing now and he was going to go. As I escorted him forward the plane doors open and 3 TSA agents and 4 police officers entered. Me and my new Texan friend were told to cease and desist for they had this under control. I was happy to oblige actually. There was some
commotion in the back, but within moments, all 11 were escorted off the plane. They then unloaded their luggage.

We talked about the occurrence and were in disbelief that it had happen, when suddenly, the door open again and on walked all 11!! Stone faced, eyes front and robotic (the only way I can describe
it). The stewardess from the back had been in tears and when she saw this, she was having NONE of it! Being that I was up front, I heard and saw the whole ordeal. She told the TSA agent there was NO WAY she was staying on the plane with these men. The agent told her they had searched them
and were going to go through their luggage with a fine tooth comb and that they were allowed to proceed to Houston . The captain and co-captain came out and told the agent “we and our crew will not fly this plane!” After a word or two, the entire crew, luggage in tow, left the plane.
5 minutes later, the cabin door opened again and a whole new crew walked on.

Again…..this is where I had had enough!!! I got up and asked “What the hell is
going on!?!?” I was told to take my seat. They were sorry for the delay and I would be home shortly. I said “I’m getting off this plane”. The stewardess sternly told me that she could not allow me toget off. (now I’m mad!) I said “I am a grown man who bought this ticket, who’s time is mine with a family at home and I am going through that door, or I’m going through that door with you under my arm!! But I am going through that door!!” And I heard a voice behind me say “so
am I”. Then everyone behind us started to get up and say the same. Within 2 minutes, I was walking off that plane where I was met with more agents who asked me to write a statement. I had 5 hours to kill at this point so why the hell not. Due to the amount of people who got off that flight, it was canceled. I was supposed to be in Houston at 6pm. I got here at 12:30am. Look
up the date. Flight 297 Atlanta to Houston.

If this wasn’t a dry run, I don’t know what one is. They wanted to see how TSA would handle it, how the crew would handle it, and how the passengers would handle it.

I’m telling this to you because I want you to know….

The threat is real. I saw it with my own eyes….

-Tedd Petruna

I believe that if this story is true, we may have narrowly avoided another United Flight 93. I would hope that these 11 individuals are currently cooling their heels in some jail cell right now, but all indications are that they are walking around free men, waiting to try again.






That speech Barry gave last night was a JOKE!! It was defensive and a absolutely absurd speech to give at West Point!! It was disgusting to say the least!

All he did was to make excuses for himself and once again blame the Bush Admin! He even apologized for America once again by saying we have made mistakes... WTF well No Shit dick tracey!! but C'mon man, you gonna spew your crap at West Point?

I am once again embarrassed by this empty suite.

Did he even proof read this thing before gave it? He was stumbling over his words and delivered it with ZERO enthusiasm...

This guy does NOT like America and what WE STAND FOR!!

No question about it...


Did Barry actually speak out against Tyrany and opression? And speak up for Freedom and say it is our "duty" as America to continue to be that voice in the world?


What did he say during the uprising in Iran earlier this year?

Oh, that's right..... NOTHING!!!

Remember this?

(Scroll to 6-23-2009)





Did you speak up against Tyrany and Opression?

I think not...


Update: 12/01/2009

Patiently awaiting Barry's speech tonight so I can GAG at his trying to balance the left and right... What a JOKE this guy is!! Where were you 3 MONTHS AGO when the troops were called for and they could have made a difference and saved some lives in Afghanastan?!?! Do you have ANY CLUE what you are doing whatsoever?

How much weaker can you make America in the eyes of the world?

I guess we will find out tonight - huh?



So you got to be F*CKING KIDDING ME!!!

Navy SEALS are being brought up on charges for giving a terrorist a bloody lip when they were taking him into custody?!?!?! IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!?! Who is bringing the charges and WHY?!?! Does the f*cking idiot know we are at war and that this terrorist should be thankful that all he got was a bloody lip!! From now on don't bring them back alive guys!! Take care of them right then and there and don't worry about charges.,2933,576646,00.html


Being brought up on charges, REALLY?!?!?!


How does it feel to be a laughing stock to the rest of the world?



Update: 11/24/2009

Sometimes Videos say it all... You may not have the time to find these but make the time to watch them...







Update: 11/22/2009

Take a look at this video and take it in...

Global Warming is a Fake pure and simple...

It is a way to take more money out of your pocket and control you.

Al Gore is a FAKE who ducks and hides from any legit debate!!!





Update: 11/18/2009

Well I have been unable to update as much as I would like recently, I have a family medical emergency ongoing at the moment and that takes precident over my postings on here. I am on top of all T-Shirt orders and have been shipping within 24-48 hours consistantly. Thank you VERY MUCH for your orders and repeat / continued business, I appreciate EVERY order!

Make sure to check out the "Video" area and watch some of those Gun Camera videos, they are great!

There is SO MUCH going on in the world and so much I could just go off on...

I am DISGUSTED by our administration and embarrassed beyond belief for our Country!!

I could do a better job than Bambam without question! This guy is a fraud and an empty suit, incapable of making any decisions and take responsibility for anything.

I want a Special Election to get this guy OUT OF OFFICE!!

We need to get this done ASAP to save our Nation!

I DO NOT want him hurt, I want him out thru the legal process. If ANY harm comes to him then we have lost. I have said in the past that I would take a bullet for the Office and I still would but he has to go legally and post haste before we have dug ourselves into a hole we can not dig ourselves out of.


The new guidlines for breast cancer screening is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE !!!

How many women have lost their lives due to breast cancer under the age of 50?!?!

With this new screening women are advised NOT to get screened until the age of 50 and then it is once every 2 years after that?!?!?


This is the start of rationing and they are taking litmus tests daily on public reaction.


My family is battling pancriatic cancer right now and this is UNACCEPTABLE for the gov to be doing this!!

It is criminal!!



Update: 11/12/2009




What is my Country / Army / AF / USMC / Navy etc. doing to weed OUT jihadist infiltrators in our AMERICAN Armed Forces?!?!?! You think this is the only guy in there that thinks this way??? Open your "F'n" eyes and look around you, Radical Islam is about domination and they have had plenty of time put operatives into our Military...

Get a CLUE, get serious and take care of the problem.

What are you afraid of? What are you waiting for?

The time for political correctness is OVER!

America is at stake!! Don't you care?




Update: 11/10/2009

November - 10th - 2009


Kick Ass and Take Names!!!

Kill em all and let Allah sort out the Sons of Bitches!!

Ooooooh RAHHHHHHH!!!





Update: 11/08/2009


They should be in jail awaiting deportation.... PERIOD

This is not free speech, this is terrorist / Jihad rhetoric




Update: 11/07/2009

So, what's the plan?



This simply can not be acceptable, period.


Update: 11/06/2009


I am SO SICK and tired of listening to people paint this guy as a victim!!


Call it what it is Jihadism!!! This was a Jihadist act pure and simple!

The crying, bleeding heart liberals who say this guy was picked on CAN KISS MY ASS!!

Jihad is once again on our shores. Look back at what I said on 9-25... unfortunately it is coming to fruition and this is just the beginning.

Stay safe and stay alert and carry with one in the chamber.

Protect yours and your family with the fervor of a rabid pitbull!



This was a direct attack and it was planned to inflict the most damage in the shortest amount of time as possible. Look at how it was done, he goes into a crowded bldg and starts to systmatically shooting people as if they were targets.

The Cop who shot him is a HERO and needs all of our prayers!

The shooter? He can rot in hell...


Why is this traitor now being painted as the victim in all of this?!?! I am watching in disbelief and listening to Shep, and i'm wondering WTF... This guy was picked on??? So, oh my.... so this guy was picked on and we are supposed to have remorse for him? NO............ Sorry, this guy is a radical muslim extremist pure and simple... No two ways to look at it...Wow, how f*cked up has shit gotten here people? In a very short period of time we....

Was this guy a lone Jihadist? or a part of a larger cell? I want to know where this guy went to mosque and who he hung out with.

Sorry. . . . someone who does this shit doesnt do it cause he's mental,

they do it for an ideology...

Interesting link to check out..

Check it out here:

Fort Hood Jihad Treason and Mass Murder

President Obama called the shootings “tragic” and “a horrific outburst of violence.” (CNN)

The horror and atrocity mass murders that occurred today at Fort Hood were not a “tragedy”; a car crash is a tragedy, the Titanic disaster is a tragedy, the lost Dickinson University students is a tragedy. More accurately, the result of this attack of cruel murder and treason was a tragedy, a tragedy for the victims and their families and for the entire country. The tragedy was a result of jihad. Jihad is Islamic warfare against the unbelievers.



this shit just unbelievable...


Update: 11/03/2009

The below is a GREAT read!

Take the time and READ IT!


November 01, 2009

Will We Lose It All?

By Joe Herring


I'm an American guy. You don't know me; I'm not famous. I have a family and the responsibilities that go with that, and I try to be a man who can be counted on. I don't always succeed, but I've always tried. I was born here, but you don't need to be native-born to be an American. In fact, that's kind of the point of it all. America is our home, our country, and our ideal. It is much less about where you are than who you are. It is the embodiment of a set of principles through which a disparate group of people became a nation, and that nation became the fulfillment of countless dreams.

This is such a unique thing we possess, this free way of life. Power granted to the government by the consent of the governed, not taken by force. The default setting for societies has always been a brutal mash of exploitation, oppression and unfettered greed. Whether couched in religion, geography, or tribe, the strong have always ruled the weak, and the wily take their cut off the top. But now we have leaders and laws chosen by process and debate, rather than the former staples of noble birth, graft, brute force, and intimidation. To be sure, a fair measure of those same flaws remain with us in our politics and governance, but they are not the norm, and they're usually driven out when discovered. This alone is enough to separate us from all previous attempts by man to bring order to human interaction...but wait, there's more.

Past societies have made dramatic leaps forward on the springboard of innovative concepts that we modern folk take for granted. The Magna Carta proved an indispensible foundation for western government, the Hammurabic Code a stepping stone to our rule of law. But past glories notwithstanding, no one has done what we have done. No one. Ever.

So knowing this, why are there so many in society willing to chuck it all in and forge ahead into a brave new world that looks and smells just like the fetid carcass of the cowardly Old World? Why would intelligent people knowingly choose less freedom for themselves and their children? Crudely put, it is because the idea of a fully free society with everyone making his own decisions simply chaps their asses. It is not enough for such people to be successful themselves; they must also have a hand in ordering the winners and losers amongst the rest of the players. So convinced are they of their own inestimable value that they cannot conceive of a world that doesn't need them. In their minds, they should be consulted before decisions are made; after all, look how successful they are. Clearly anyone who doesn't recognize this must be mentally defective, and we all know you don't have to take seriously the ramblings of an imbecile.

Sadly, you meet people like this every day: the know-it-all at the office, the busybody at church, or the irritating uncle that insists on dominating every discussion at the holiday table. Your neighborhood association board is a protected habitat for this species. Alone, and in these settings, such people are just a grating annoyance. However, group them together and allow them to hold taut the reins of power, and true danger quickly arises where mere pomposity once sat. The mechanisms of government carry with them the unspoken yet omnipresent threat of force. In a free society, the government holds a monopoly on force (lawfully granted by the people), and the people hold sway over the government. We have used this balance to ensure equitable treatment under the law with a great deal of success over the past two centuries. A collar on the dogs of war, if you will, to which the governed hold the leash.

But what happens when the self-absorbed decide that our laws and ways are really just anachronistic barriers to their progressive real-think? If you're smart, you tremble for a moment, then gird yourself for a fight. If you recall the puritan ethos that H.L. Mencken described as having the haunting feeling that someone, somewhere, is happy, then you easily understand the sensibility of someone who cannot be satisfied with his own success unless it involves dictating to others how they must succeed as well. And not just any old must be appropriate success. Success suited to one's station. (See affirmative action and virtually every other outcome-based folly of the Left.)

What sort of mind functions this way? Where do we find the bedrock of such a philosophy? Look first to human nature, and realize that with all our sophistication and technology, we still eat, crap, and fight much as we always have. We always will. Accept it. Madison said that if men were angels, no government would be needed. Of course, we know men are no angels; so we must ask, who will govern the governors? Many actors have played this role. Religion has been a lodestar for our leaders for the better part of 150 years. Honor and national pride have, too.

But perhaps more than anything, the vision of our founders as evinced in the Constitution has been the greatest bulwark against both the busybody and the tyrant. Behind that magnificently crafted wall we have found refuge, and in its protective shade our nation has grown into the example that has recast the world in its image.

This is how I feel: we are facing a busybody and tyrant in one, with the mighty machine of government at his command. Think of this article as a gentle slap on the back of the head to those of you who still say it can't happen here. We have been lied to continuously, with great eloquence. The gatekeepers have abandoned their posts and taken sides. The traditional means by which we have held our leaders to account have been overturned and replaced with a politburo-style stamp.

It's not enough for them to tell us what to do; they want to decide our thoughts for us, too. After all, if we had any sense, we would beg for their advice, right? Make what you will of your ideas. Preach them to all who will listen. Gather support and make your case...but do not tell me you are doing X while I, along with everyone else, am watching you do Y. And we are watching.




Update: 11/02/2009




And you think he is crying about his polls?

Oh wait, he does not pay attention to his polls.... Yeah Right!!



Ohhhhh, this guy is a DISASTER!!




Update: 10/31/2009

Do we as a Country (as a people) want to spread our ideals of Liberty and Freedom to the world or do we want to just sit quietly and be absorbed into Socialism? ... Because that's what is going to "F'n" happening here people. There really IS NO middle ground to be fiddled with here, when you really take the time to think about it.

With the invent of the internet and the openes of communication the world has become a much smaller place and we can either be free as was intended by our forefathers or we can allow others to control us and our actions. Is that what we Fkn need now? Do we need a babysitter to tell us what to do and how we should be doing it? Have we now become a society of the thought police?

Think about it

How many of you are, or have ever been swayed by advertising when deciding on a purchase? Well guess what, if you ever happen to watch NBC you will be bombarded on a level never before used on citizens. It's almost like a freak SCI FI mini series watching that channel. I refuse to watch anything NBC for that fact. Spread the word to everyone you know to just "Turn off NBC" and say NO to collective attempt to program you. Look at NBC ratings and let me know what you find, I have not checked them out yet but I bet if you did you will find them suffering. I'm not just talking about MSNBC I'm talking about the entire NBC conglomerate.

NBC is SO far in the tank for this admin that they will go to any lengths to save it. Look how much capitol they have invested in this, do you think they will let that investment just be piddled away? Do you really?

Please don't be a fkn idiot and see what is right in front of your face, what kind of 'society' is being molded right around your comfy little life, your cocoon. When you amerge and take a look around everything will be ok, everything will be "just fine" ..-. ..- -.-. -.- -. --- ..- - .-- --- -. - !

VOTE and make a difference with your voice, be heard!!

Do you want to live as a free society and pass that gift along to your children and grandchildren or do you want them to be born into indentured servitude? It is all up to each and every one of us to make sure of it, not to any fkkn elected POS willing to lie and sell their voice to the higgest damn bidder!! Because that's exactly what is happening right along with their plan to own your ass.

Keep your wits about you,



Update: 10/30/2009

So the other day I told you about White House worker touting Shira law here in the US... Now look what I just found happening in London this weekend....!! !! Can you believe this shit? No I am not psychic but this is just to much of a coincidence to be comfortable...

Serioulsly..... WAKE THE "F" UP!



Islamist extremists will march through London tomorrow calling for full implementation of sharia law in Britain.

Supporters of the Islam For The UK group, led by extremist Anjem Choudary, will converge on Westminster for the march, from the House of Commons to Downing Street and Trafalgar Square.

Choudary is a founding member of the British wing of the outlawed extremist group Al-Muhajiroun. Islam For The UK has pictures on its website of British landmarks including the House of Parliament with minarets and Islamic motifs added. It also said Buckingham Palace should be turned into a mosque.

The group calls for an end to liberalism and claims Britain needs to prepare for an Islamic revolution. Choudary is also a supporter of the banned preacher Omar Bakri, who was to give a video-link address from Lebanon to a meeting in Millbank to publicise the rally. Last night the group's website was apparently hijacked by a far-Right group advocating a "guerrilla war".


Read the whole story here:




Update: 10/28/2009

Meet White House adviser who supports Islamic law
Muslim leader says Dalia Mogahed 'shares the outlook of Islamists in Egypt, Pakistan'

She describes her role in the Obama administration as a communicator to the president and other public officials of "what it is Muslims want."

But Muslims such as Steven Schwartz, a prominent American convert to Islam and ardent critic of Muslim fundamentalism, contend Dalia Mogahed, a scheduled speaker at the annual fundraiser Saturday in Washington for the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations, certainly doesn't speak for them.

A senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, Mogahed was appointed to President Obama's Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

The Egyptian-born, hijab-clad adviser drew attention earlier this month when she defended Shariah, or Islamic law, on a British television show hosted by a member of an extremist Muslim group, insisting the majority of women around the world associate Shariah with "gender justice."




Did you know this shit?!?!?! Really???

So ya think that they will try to incorporate Sharia here in the US? You say no?... Are you stupid? They will push and probe this shit as far as they can... mark my words... They are already "testing the waters" to see your reactions.

Where did America go? I miss her...



Update: 10/24/2009






Update: 10/23/2009

This administration has got to be the MOST immature admin we have EVER had in our history!

Can you believe this shit? I mean C'mon!! REALLY!!


I am absolutely disgusted with these tactics.

I am also dissapointed in how FOX is responding to it actually. What I would like to see is FOX taking the high ground, they should have totally dismissed the administration. They should have come out and made a statement and then dug deeper into the BS that is going on in DC and expose it!

All of it.




Update: 10/22/2009

No One Remembers Obama at Columbia

I found this VERY interesting

I have not done due dilligence on this as of yet but if it is true then WTF?


Looking for evidence of Obama's past, Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but none remembered him.

Wayne Allyn Root was, like Obama, a political science major at Columbia who also graduated in 1983. In 2008, Root says of Obama, "I don't know a single person at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me.

I don't have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia. Ever! Nobody recalls him. I'm not exaggerating, I'm not kidding."

Root adds that he was also, like Obama, "Class of '83 political science, pre-law" and says, "You don't get more exact or closer than that. Never met him in my life, don't know anyone who ever met him.

At the class reunion, our 20th reunion five years ago, who was asked to be the speaker of the class? Me.

No one ever heard of Barack! And five years ago, nobody even knew who he was. The guy who writes the class notes, who's kind of the, as we say in New York, the macha who knows everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever met him. Is that not strange?

It's very strange." Obama's photograph does not appear in the school's yearbook and Obama consistently declines requests to talk about his years at Columbia, provide school records, or provide the name of any former classmates or friends while at Columbia.

NOTE: Root graduated as Valedictorian from his high school, Thornton-Donovan School, then graduated from Columbia University in 1983 as a Political Science major


(in the same class as President Barack Obama WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN IN)

A Common Bond!




Update: 10/21/2009

Wow... Ok... Now the American Cancer Society is saying that early testing is not necessary for Breast & Colon Cancer because it can have "adverse" effects?!?!?! What the F*CK!! Can you believe this SHIT?!?

So, who in this administration paid off the American Cancer Society?

Don't you find this just really stupid and the timing just to convenient?

What else will they try to make you believe.....


As reported in the New York Times:


The American Cancer Society, which has long been a staunch defender of most cancer screening, is now saying that the benefits of detecting many cancers, especially breast and prostate, have been overstated.

It is quietly working on a message, to put on its Web site early next year, to emphasize that screening for breast and prostate cancer and certain other cancers can come with a real risk of overtreating many small cancers while missing cancers that are deadly.

“We don’t want people to panic,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the cancer society. “But I’m admitting that American medicine has overpromised when it comes to screening. The advantages to screening have been exaggerated.”

Ok, my father is currently battling Pancreatic Cancer and I have a personal HUGE issue with this line of BULLSHIT! Now this Admin is messing with OUR LIVES and HEALTH. Sorry, NO F*CKING WAY! We The People will NOT STAND FOR THIS SHIT!!

Are you kidding me ACS?!?!?!




Update: 10/19/2009

I want to share this video with you, it is VERY important that you watch this and take in what he is saying. If this is in fact a reality of what could happen then this is clearly a "Clear and Present Danger" to the sovereignty of the United States of America.

Point as many people to this video that you can.

This needs to go viral, this can NOT be allowed to happen!

Any public servant that would sign this is committing a treasonous act



If you have ever taken the Oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America I pray that you are not full of shit and that you believe in that Oath to the core of your being.



Update: 10/14/2009

Take a look at this bill and let's make sure this does NOT go anywhere!



Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (Introduced in House)


I thought this was a dead issue but apparantly it has received new breath. If health care were to pass you can bet that the next thing they would go after is you right to self defense! The rational to this is that guns are "bad for your health." Can you believe it?

Love you rights and liberties

Defend them!



Update: 10/07/2009


Trying to make us "We The People" believe that the majority of doctors agree with your Health Care Bill???

HAHAHA!!! Yeah ok, getting desperate are ya?


As I have said... This health care bill's not gonna pass!

neener, neener, neeeeeeeener!!

Get a clue!

Did you know that in this bill if you do not buy "Government approved" health care insurance you can be fined / taxed $3,500.00 and spend a year in jail?.... Oh, also you can also owe (be fined) and ADDITIONAL $25,000.00!!


neener, neener, neeeeeener!!


Let's take a look at some "Wrong Calls" by this pres shall we?


Afghanistan = WRONG

Iraq = WRONG

Honduras = WRONG

Iran = WRONG

Economy = WRONG

Health Care = WRONG

Gates = WRONG

Oh, what the hell...

Olympics = WRONG


Any questions?

What a JOKE!



Update: 10/06/2009


What the hell are we doing when it comes to Afghanistan?!?!?! If you don't want to win then GET OUR GUYS OUT!! Our Soldiers are NOT there to f*ck around!! Give them what they need to win or get out and NUKE the F*cking place!! What the hell?????

This is a DISGRACE to those men fighting and dying over there! DO NOT tell me that you are looking at the strategy when you have NO CLUE about military strategy!!


Yeah, I call it like I see it... No need to beat around the bush on this sh*t!


How do I introduce a bill to Congress?

I would like this bill I wrote introduced.

Titled: I.B. 0001 (Internet Bill 0001)

PDF of I.B. 0001 HERE


So I just heard a report that said the Taliban has the momentum in Afghanistan now... F*cking lovely huh??? What the hell are we doing? How did this joker get elected? Is he going to accomplish anything at all or just be an empty suit who blames the guy before him for everything? He plays the victim very well doesn't he, always pointing fingers and never taking responsibility for anything... I HATE people like that in my life, they just go around saying "oh poor me" instead of pulling up their boots and getting to work.

Time to GROW UP Obama, seriously man, grow the f*ck up! The Office of the Presidency is bigger than you will ever be pal and it does NOT look like you will ever live up to the office that you occupy.

Her you go, it's not much but it may help you... After all you gotta start somewhere!



Why are you so clueless?

Gates (a learning tool?) - No, he's just a tool

Iran - You missed the boat BIG TIME

Stimulas - My ass!

Afghanistan - You have NO CLUE!

Health Care - Who cares what you think! clue = (no one)

Should I continue? Cause I could!


Why do we allow this pres to out and out lie to us? Really, why?

Can ANYONE deny that he has boldfaced lied to us? I don't think so... It is so evident that he has lied and continues to lie straight to our faces and we sit here and make excuses for it... What is OUR problem? Do we not expect more from our elected officials? Should we not hold them to a higher standard while they hold the office they were elected to?

Now I hear that the Public option is again back on the table.

Um NO... Not gonna happen, make your voices heard!!

A public option will not only bankrupt the states it will put the government in control of YOU and YOUR LIFE!

1st comes the health care takeover and then they will go after your guns.

After that the Socialist agenda is free to run rampent.


Remember this is AMERICA where freedom and liberty are the CORE of this Country!!


If you don't like it then GET THE F*CK OUT!


I am a very easy going and tolerant person, really, I am...

But don't f*ck with my family or my Country.

That tends to piss me off.


Update: 10/05/2009

Don't the Liberal progressives know that THEY are the minority? WTF is all this B.S. with them trying to make the Center Right feel like they are the minority? HAHA what a F*cking JOKE! If the Dems try to pass this Health Care CRAP they will LOOSE in 2010 PERIOD!!

DO NOT ACCEPT this Health Care Bill PERIOD!

They need to scrap this and start over AFTER we get Iran and Afghanistan figured out.

I have absolutely NO DOUBT that I could do a friggn better job than Obama, hell I couldn't do much worse that is for sure! At least I have experience managing 60+ salespeople and 20 retail stores. What managing experience did he have again? Oh, that's right... NONE!!

What a joke!

This Country needs leadership! Not a empty suit!

Not a p*ssy!





Update: 10/03/2009

I want to say thanks for the emails! I write this stuff in here as kinda a cathardic excersize to get this crap off my chest and harldy proofread anything. I type like I talk and dont bother to B.S. or beat around the bush, what's the point...

It is GREAT to know how many of you feel the same way!!

Thanks again for the emails!

I will be putting up a forum soon once I can figure out how to do it...

See... I told ya this is a total grass roots effort :-)


Well, HAHA! Guess even with bama and oprah cheerleading for the Olympics they couldn't pull it off. Not only could they not pull it off, Chicago was the first city to get eleminated... um, HA! Even with Mr. personality himself there the IOC was not impressed.... now, if he can't even schmooze the IOC what the f*ck does he think he is going to do with Iran? .... Yeah, think about that one a bit.

Speaking of Iran do you have any clue what is happening there in that part of the world? Iran has (2) enrichment sites now which are known. I personally think they have at least 5-8 operational sites currently, you know... redundancy...... Anyway, Iran has ONE GOAL right now... GET THE NUKE! This is common knowledge, they will not stop until they either succeed or they are stopped, period.

Every time we as a Country say "were gonna talk and take diplomatic measures" Iran gets closer and closer to acquiring enough enriched uranium to make it. That's all that is stopping them folks, that's it... Putting the damn thing together is the easy part, just like building a model. Now ARE WE OK WITH THAT?!?!?! If you look at our administration you would say yes.....,but they are doing nothing and don't have a friggn clue what to do! Just like with their silence when the Iranian people had their uprising...... SILENCE IS COMPLICITY!!

This is a disgrace....

Ok, so we, America are not going to do sh*t about Iran getting a Nuke... (Hillary Clinton - I hope your pissed off about this!) Do we expect Isreal to sit back and do nothing? Well, that's NOT going to happen... Isreal will be going in between Oct 28th and Nov 28th in my opinion, if not sooner and I have no faith in our leadership to back up Isreal. If we do not back up Isreal I will say there is a 95% chance that the rest of the Arab nations will join in with Iran against Isreal... At that point it is not about agreeing with Iran for the Muslim states, it is about destroying Isreal.

And what will America do? Isreal's most important alli? Probably not a damn thing.... Well it get's better, once this goes down in the middle east what do you think is going to happen here on our own soil? .... Do you have any clue how many sleeper cells are here? Do some math what is one plus one...

The key here is Isreal making FAST work of Iran, goin in with guns blazing and f*cking them up! If that happens in quick fashion none of the other Muslim Nations will jump in. Isreal needs to go in hard and heavy and take care of business, we need to support Isreal because that is what allies do... But hell we can't even send McCrystal what he needs to do his job in Afghanistan, what makes anyone think we will back up Isreal when we are our own worst enemy as well.

F*cking rediculous huh?!?!



Oh sh*t.... but wait, health care reform is now tied into our economic recovery... I heard that one today, yes I did..... I also told you that this would happen a month or so ago as well, that they would marry our economic recovery into the health care bill passing... Um, that's bullsh*t but that is what they will try, along with the big H1N1 scare. Well I still think they will FAIL at this attempt. So if that's the case and the Democrats can not figure out their healthcare bill they need to PARK IT!

Health care will NOT be government run PERIOD so stop already.

Why keep trying? Even a mouse in a maze will take a different path once it is shocked, why can't you progressive POS libtards get it? huh?


Can ya?


This sh*t really pisses me off

This is OUR COUNTRY we are talking about, this is AMERICA

This is not some fictional TV show people... This is reality.


What does America stand for to you?


Are we on that path?


Ok, now ya gone and got me all pissed off again... I'll put some more crap up later cause there is more....





Update: 10/02/2009

In Honor Of Chicago's Bid for the Olympics!

Email me if you want this on a TShirt!



Who is this freaking JOKER, Jacques Degraff on Sean Hannity right now in this "Great American Panel"?!?!?! He is trying to defend this "Safe School Czar" and is making an absolute FOOL of himself on TV. I'll see if I can find a vid clip on it and post it up.

He has serious issues if he thinks ANYONE could possibly agree with his totally screwed up logic!

What an IDIOT...


Still 10/01/2009


I can't believe what I just, or what just, happened while watching a Show that I frequent.

If you saw it as well, shoot me an email if you know what I am talking about.



Update: 10/01/2009


Stop talking about Alan Grayson, he is not worth your breath!! This guy is a set up to be a radical, to take your attention off of the ball.

This is when you know you are winning the argument. We The People need to keep the pressure on, keep the TEA PARTIES going! GO TO THEM and represent yourselves well. This is about keeping the fabric of America together. We can not let this be the future of OUR COUNTRY!

The Empire state building being lit up Red and Yellow in honor of 60 years of Communist rule in China?!?! Excuse me, WTF is that? Are you Shi**ing me?....No, really?

Anyone worth a sh*t out there looking into the whole "pay to play" aspect of this entire administration? How much more blatant does it have to become before it is all brought to light?

Don't insult our intelligence and try to explain it away, divert attention, or blame someone else because that is getting pretty f*cking old.


Ya want to know something really rubbed me the wrong way this evening?

Really kinda pissed me off a tad...

My wife was talking to someone on the phone and I heard: "Yeah, I know, I'm not racist either but I don't like what he has been doing or the direction he is taking us down."

When she felt she had to preface her statement about not agreeing with his policies by her not being a racist I just felt a hole... an emptiness. That's not a good thing, it's a huge backwards step.


Get involed in something people, it is time to stop thinking: "Someone else will go or do it."

That's a bullsh*t mindset and we can not get lazy. Let them call you names, who the fu*k cares what they call you anyway? This is America we are talking about, STAY INVOLVED AND STAY MOTIVATED!!!





Update: 9/30/2009


Scroll to the middle of this page, (yeah I know, there is a lot of scrolling) Look for the days when the Iranian people were protesting the elections, June 20th was when it starts... just kinda reflect on what is happening over there.

I mentioned then that we had missed an incredible opportunity with Iran, and yes, we did. Now look at what is happening, nothing good can come of this.

Sorry for saying this to those of you who live in Chicago but I hope to hell that Chicago does not secure the Olympics, that would just be the icing on the cake now wouldn't it!

Is anyone else concearned with the amount of erogance coming out of this administration? ... And the utter lack of action on things that matter, and rushing on a health care disaster that needs to be totally dumped and started over.

Worry about OUR economy and the jobs that don't exist instead of putting thru a program to get more people dependant on the system. Americans are free pal, we don't want to be dependant on your system of government, we have a system of government that has worked very well for us. what part of that don't you understad?

This is America, a Republic.

I take comfort in knowing our numbers are very much superior

No question about it.




Update: 9/29/2009



If you are focusing on only one issue you are missing the entire picture and where and how your one issue falls into place.

Take Honduras for example, Honduras is a young democracy which just went through a HUGE challenge and rose to that challenge successfully! Their Constitution won, that is what it was designed to do. Zaya, or whatever his name is, got his ass kicked outta there... (GOOD)... he was trying to change the Nations constitution so he could "run" for president again and again... Well, that would have made Honduras a dictatorship... and guess where our administrations support was directed to? Yup Zaya...

Now, who else supported Zaya? Cuba, Venezuela,, see a patern there at all do ya? These Countries in all reality were pushing for Venezuela to become a dictatorship, putting Chavez in power... WTF?

Isn't America supposed to be on the side of freedom?

Should we ask the people of Iran that? Should we ask Neda that?

Keep your eyes on the big picture people.

It is all inner-twined



Back to domestic issues.

I was taught to save, not to spend. If I did not have the money for something I saved up until I had enough to buy it. Or I put it on Layaway and made payments until it was mine... I never thought that if I borrowed a lot of money to spend that I could spend it all and then somehow have more money at the end.

What makes the administration think we can spend money we don't have to get out of a deficit? Does anyone actually comprehend how much money we owe to China? ... Anyone?

What happens to America when China comes a knocking for payback of this loan? What are the terms of this loan and how much are the payments and interest?

Are we F'n stupid? I mean really.... are we that totally screwed up in the head to think something like that could work? Hell no, I don't think people could actually be that stupid personally... Especially elected officials... (well, there is that Nancy Pelosi bi*ch, ya got me there)

It almost seems as if it is a systematic attempt to dismantle America.

If people are not truely that stupid what other explaination could there be?

Are they truely that stupid?

Or just trying to set up plausible deniability.



"Gotta push that health care through!!"

Ya think they will start to use H1N1 as a scare tactic to push the the health care bill through? Um, yup big words like pandemic and epidemic are going to start being heard more and more soon... When was this "new" deadline going to be again? They were going to pass this before the Thanksgiving Holiday??... Yup they are gonna ramp up the fear and rhetoric.


Did ya see how we kissed the ass of the UN?

Didn't that just give you the warm fuzzies inside?

Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm


Get ready to lose your rights over your children, you don't know whats best for them anyway. Well at least Barbara Boxer does not think so, she has been sucking up to the UN on ratifying a treaty to take away your rights as parents and hand them over the the international community... WTF, are you INSANE you goofy bi*ch!! Seriously, are you?

THIS IS AMERICA... Freedom, Liberty... Mean anything to ya?!?!


There is SOOOO much more!!

Look into it!


(PS) Do you think for a second that Iran does not have more enrichment sites?

There are at least 5-8 more where that came from.

It's about time we get our heads outta our asses, dontcha think?



Update: 9/28/2009


Dear Mr. Obama...

Soon you will realize that even with your many appearances on TV making your prepared speeches, it will not be enough.... Heck, not enough? I mean not even close! When you open your mouth now I have a hard time believing in anything you say, you have been caught in lie after lie and when you speak there is only emptyness... I hear nothing of susbstance or true passion whatsoever.

Could it be that you are only speaking other peoples words and none of your own? I mean really, have you just sat down and spoken with the American people, ever? With your own words, not what someone else has written for you. ever?

Maybe that is why everytime you speak on health care the polls go way down on the subject... What is it now like 56% are opposed to it? There is NO WAY it is going to pass sir. Why don't you just give it up already, really... Start over.

I truely believe your credibility is at stake and is in question.

But really, who am I?

I am just one of MANY Americans who feel this way.

Quiet no more...




There is almost too much going on to know what to talk about right now, I mean really... Can you believe this sh*t??

We have to "think" about sending more troops to Afghanistan but we can have a totally screwed up health care bill that no one wants rammed down our throats? WTF?!?!

What is there to think about with sending more troops to Afghanistan? Really, what is there to think about? Is the prez now a expert on warfare? Don't the Generals on the ground know what is needed to win, or do we now not care about winning? Oh, wait, did I hear that we are changing our strategy from winning a war to going into a counter terrorism mode? But wait, we are not at war with terrorism anymore, right?... Didn't we do away with the "War on Terror" title and say we were in a "Overseas contingency operation" now???

When are they gonna get their heads outta their asses and make a statement and stick to it?!?!

Why the hell are they trying to take this Country down such a screwed up path? Why are they trying to apologize for a past we have NOTHING to apologize for?



Learn from the past to make a better tomorrow.

If you try to erase our past we will have to go thru all of the B.S. again to get back where we fought to get to.

When can we take a vote of "no confidence"



Update: 9/27/2009


So let me get this straight...

The health care bill passing is a dire emergency and needs to be passed ASAP! Why is this? Is this because it will hand over 1/6th of the economy direct to the Fed Govt and without the money you can make on Health Care our economy is doomed? Maybe you should have thought of that before passing a stimulas bill you probably did not even read! Oh, but it was written by the Apollo Group with major influences from Van Jones so why bother reading it, right? You trusted these guys to put into the bill what you wanted.... The results are a given. Without a infux of funds (higher taxes or taking over health care) we are "F-ed"...

How are We The People going handle this? It is evident this admin has no clue.



So now when the Generals on the ground in Afghanistan request more troops to WIN this war you want to "Think about it"... Like you have a clue in your head about strategy or what it takes to win a war. How can you be so inept? really, how?

Meanwhile our troops are now wondering WTF they are doing over there. We The People have not lost our will but it seems that an admin which basis it's policy on what the extreme left wants has.

Is it evident to anyone else yet that this admin basis it's decisions on polls and the extreme left? Where is the voice for mainstream America in this administration? I can GUARANTEE that mainstream America is NOT left of center and we want to WIN this war... PERIOD! Listen the the Generals on the ground who have the experience and know what is needed to WIN!

This Admin wants to WEAKEN our spirit and our will.

To bad that is NOT going to happen!

The more you push the stronger our resolve!





Update: 9/26/2009


Another topic that has reared it's ugly head as of late is "racism"

Want to know my take on it?

If you are a citizen of this Country and you do not consider yourself an AMERICAN before your race then please tell me where we have gone wrong?


I grew up in the 70's and 80's you see, and (no bullshit), I was raised to see within a person before I saw the color of their skin. See everyone I come in contact with within my own daily life are perceived by me thru their actions, period. Words don't seem to mean too much today so empty apologies fall on deaf ears for me personally. I believe in a persons actions, empathy and heart, not what comes outta their pie hole.

So, I think I am doing my part and that's all I can do.


So, my question to you is.....


Are you an AMERICAN first?




Update: 9/25/2009


So, to you LIBTARD REJECTS who thought I was fear mongering for putting my Alert Level to ORANGE the other day and letting me know VIA email, to those of you, KISS MY ARSE...


What did we see happen since then? Someone tried crap in Chicago, Springfield ILL and in Texas yesterday, Bin Laden also put out another video as well. If you choose to keep your head in the sand and continue to blame America for everything then YOU are a large part of the problem!

Keep believing your "mainstream" pundits who point fingers and pass blame. I on the other hand will continue my observations and listen to my gut since it seems to be right on most of the time.

As I have said it is going to be a very interesting fall / winter season this year. Make sure you take action and report ANYTHING that seems odd or out of the ordinary. It is much better to be safe than sorry...

Be observant.



Update: 9/23/2009

10:00 pm

I was just doing a bit of channel surfing and heard the term "Tea Baggers" come up again. I heard this on a supposed "news channel" but ya know, these news channels talk about the majority of America with distain and a total lack of respect. Therefore their credibility is seriously tarnished and it is blatantly evident that they are being told on what and how to report the "news"... They have sold their souls and they know it.

How can you tell that the majority of America is center-right? Well for one look at the ratings of the news channels. I am not just talking about what the ratings are currently, take a look at the ratings history and take note of the trends. I have yet to do this myself but I am very intersted over the last 18 months to see how the ratings have changed.

Now lets take a look at the world stage... We as a Country are acknowledging Amhadinejad as the president of Iran when the people of Iran do not even acknowledge him as their elected leader. America is supposed to be a Country, that when she see's people seeking FREEDOM and LIBERTY thru a democratic process, she speaks up for those who people and lends a hand. What we have done is disgraceful in this situation, we have not done a damn thing to assist or encourage a fair democratic process in Iran.

I am 100% confident that if Amhadinejad was no longer in power in Iran that the state of the world would be in a much better place right now. The people of Iran are still protesting and dying for their liberty, I appluad their efforts and have enormous respect for these people. They are literally putting their very lives on the line for just a chance to taste what we as Americans have taken for granted for far too long now. We have become complacent and it is now biting us in the ass.

Where was the coverage on the protests in NY against Amhadinejad by the Iranian people? You see the people of Iran are good people, yes they have ideologies and some beliefs that have been fed to them over many years that would have to be de-programmed but that does not take away from their courage and heart. I have a lot of hope that the people of Iran will be successful in their quest for a fair democratic process. We as Americans should ALL support them in their effort!

Honduras as well, just look at our response to what is happening in that Country.


What does America stand for anymore? can someone please tell me because I do not see it in our leadership and I never thought I would see the day when I would question what America, my Country, stands for in the world.





Update: 9/23/2009

11:00 am


I just raised the Terror Alert Level to TerrorAlertChart_High on this site due to the amount of chatter currently being heard.


Here is the latest update to the "5-New York Homes Searched in Terrorism Probe" story from Islam in Action
Up to 24 More People Under Scrutiny as NYC Tightens Security in Terror Probe

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NEW YORK — Police in New York City stepped up their patrols and increased their random searches on subways and buses Wednesday following reports that as many as 24 more people are under observation in a suspected cross-country terror plot.

Amid media reports that some public storage centers in the region were being raided, the FBI told FOX News that there may be "consensual searches" under way but they were not "raids."
No new search warrants have been filed in recent days, the FBI told FOX.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued bulletins earlier this week warning law enforcement officials around the country to watch mass transit, stadiums, warehouses with rentable storage units and hotels for any unusual activity.

The feds circulated the internal alerts in the midst of the investigation into a suspected New York City-Colorado terror plot in which three people — an airport shuttle driver, his father and an imam — are in custody for allegedly lying to the government.



Update: 9/22/2009


It is getting hard to decide on what to write about since there is just so damn much out there! Can you believe this shit? I mean really, how much can we take?

We have a spineless weak President who always takes the "Wait and see approach". It seems as if he can not, or he is afraid, to make a decision on anything. When has he actually taken a stand on a single issue without delay? Please if you know of one tell me, hit the contact button and email me... when has he taken a stand on something without first waiting to see what everyone else would do, or at least what his dear left would do or want's him to do. Is that anyway to run the most powerful country on the planet? I personally do not think so...


If you have been following this page for awhile you know how I think on some things and I am going to just type down some reminders on a couple of em.


Where do we now stand on Honduras as a Nation? Which side of this issue do you think America should be on? Why?



Does anyone remember the uprising over the FRAUD Election there?!?! Does anyone care about the poor civilians who were slaughtered by their own Government?

I do NOT recognize Amahdinejad as the elected president of Iran because he is not.

Where did the US Govt position itself in the Iranian uprising of the people against a totalitarian regim?

This still pisses me off to no end. The people are currently still protesting over there and they are being rounded up and killed for speaking out against the FRAUD election.

What are we doing? ... oh that's right, nothing!

Silence is complicity.



HR 3200 / Health care reform


Um, that's almost all I have to say about that!

Come on! Give me a F**KING BREAK! It is NOT going to pass and if the Dems try to Nuke it thru they are done for in 2010 and they know it!

The scary thing is that Pelosi and Frank have to know that they have absolutely NO HOPE of being re-elected so they may do some screwed up things outta spite. That concearns me slightly...

Another bill was introduced by the senate finance committee recently and already 500 amendments have been introduced.... Um really? If it needs 500 amendments just F'n start over with it.

How many lies can bama tell? He has to study the videos of himself so he can keep them all straight. Does he even know he is lying or is he just regurgitating what others are writing for him...

See I think he knows what he is saying and really what difference does it make? It is splitting hairs between being either inept or being a liar...

You figure it out.





Enough Said



They were better friends than you were led to believe.

bama blatantly and knowingly lied about his history with Ayers to you and the American public.


Rev. Wright


Do you really believe bama did not hear Wright spew his hatred for the 20 years he attended his church?

More LIES from bama!

(ps) Michelle really likes Wright and his rhetoric! Think about it, you will see the light



I will be the first to tell you that I am far from perfect, I however am blatantly honest. I have learned from my Father, my Mother and thru life experiences that telling people the blatant and honest truth is sometimes painful but always better than trying to lie or pull one over on someone.

This is why I personally take GREAT exception for what I am hearing and seeing come out of this administration.

There is much more happening and it is happening fast. Please do your research and find where you stand in your heart.

What is America and what does she stand for.




Update: 9/15/2009



Sorry I have not had a chance to update recently but Family, Bills and a TEA PARTY thrown in there had my attention...

I have one thing to say tonight and I will update more tomorrow.


How can we sue their asses and get all of the tax money they have received back???

There should be a way to due that via a class action suit, right?

Well, lets get it done!



Update: 8/26/2009



This Admin never ceases to amaze me!!

So we are back to investigating the great men and women who put everything on the line at the CIA for our safety?!?!? The very same people who protect us from potential terror attacks? We are investigating them?!?! Damn, I hope the CIA does some of it's own investigating on certain current events!


We are now deep into phase "Divide and Conquer." Once this Country is divided to their satisfaction the rhetoric will amp up and then blame will be placed onto the American people for any violence (We can't be controlled ya know). I hold the current Administration responsible for any outbreaks that occur, period.... This administration is promoting a hate filled agenda while expanding the govt. role in our everday lives.

There needs to be a vote of "No Confidence" in this Administration, we need to move on and forward.

Our Country depends on it!



Updated: 8/19/2009



So the new Dem policy / tactic is to belittle / condescend the American public at these town hall meetings.

How obvious can you be at this?

This is unacceptable!




It is clear that this is the "new" Democratic tactic and it is NOT going to work... Sen. Claire McCaskill even had the nerve to say "Do I have to use my 'mom' voice?" I mean Cmon lady!! How dare you speak to the people you work for in that way!


With Barny Frank acting like an ASS (as usual) and Claire saying she is going to use her "mommy voice" ....

Does anyone NOT see it?


This is becoming a JOKE!


Updated: 8/14/2009


Shelia Jackon Lee is as fake as a two dollar bill. She is a liar and needs to be fired from her job. I would like phone records released on the date and time in question please. She is an unprepared and uncaring louch who needs to be relieved of her position.

Rep Jackson just does not get it, she got caught and is now trying dig her way out. I am dumbfounded and frankly astonished at her demeanor and the way she carried herself when she was on Greta tonight.

Greta, please get the phone records...





The video doesn't lie, nice try walking your way around it but lady, you do lie and it is evident.


So what's goin on people?


Are we going to be taken for fools as we loose our Country? As America and all she has stood for gets swept away into a dark corner in an attic and forgotten about...


I say, Hell NO!



Updated: 8/13/2009




Do you want a socialistic America? This healthcare bill is a HUGE step towards that. We live in a FREE AMERICA!! Free! If this passes the Govt. will have control over YOU, period. End of story...


This is a systematic attempt to destroy America. We are a FREE nation of citizens and if you give the Govt control over the most intimate of freedoms they will not stop there. Once they “own” your health and medical care they can control practically everything you see, feel and touch. A FREE America will cease to exist and we the people will have been defeated.

Nancy Pelosi, ma’am with all due respect, you ma’am are Un-American to wish this upon America.



What does FREEDOM mean to you?

You are about to loose it...




Updated: 8/08/2009


I hope there are factions within our G o v t ready to respond to what is currently happening to our beautiful Country, Ready to act swiftly and decisively to take our Country back. If you happen to stumble upon this page among the countless others on the Web, take the time to reflect on what our Country IS. (“Yeah Bill, I know”)

When I heard today that ordinary CITIZENS of this Country have been getting “roughed” up at town hall meetings by ACORN and the SEIU I felt my pulse pounding. ACORN and the SEIU were unleashed by the democratic party, (no….. I rescind that…) by the Chicago politicians in Washington. I HAVE NOT HEARD ONE PEEP out of ANYONE in this administration calling for restraint and courtesy in these town hall meetings! NOT ONE! I only heard Pelosi talking out of her ass about non existant schuasticas at these rallies, they shut her up pretty quick didn't they? Now it is damage control / shift focus of the public time... the only problem is, most AMERICANS are wise to this tactic being attempted now.

(Mother, please excuse my language here…..) what the FUCK is going on! I said it earlier and I will say it again, Silence is silent complicity. In my opinion this is orchestrated and is the operatus memorandi of this administration. They are out of their minds if they think AMERICANS will let our Country be Socialized RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES! SORRY TO DISIPOINT YOU! –(no I’m not)- HELL NO WE WON’T!

Even centrist / left of center democrats are questioning you and you don’t like It, BOO HOO! You should have thought about that before you tried FUCKING with the USA! The only democrats who are with you lock stalk and barrel are the ones bought and paid for, and they are putting HEAVY PRESSURE on the others. Also can someone PLEASE TELL ME why Nancy Pelosi is still the 3rd person in this country to be the president if, God forbid, something were to happen. How can that be? Are you kidding me??? Wow, nowI like Sarah Palin A LOT,  with that being said, even the left wing radical extremists would love to have Sarah Palin in the white house than Pelosi!
What is going on now is what just happened recently with Gates Gate but on a much larger scale. It is a tactic to avert your attention from the health care bill and focus it onto another issue. If you can’t see that you are either in denial or do not have the sense of an inchworm to see what is blatantly being perpetrated right in front of your face. They are hoping for more violence to occur, they want it to escalate so they can then cancel a majority of the future town hall meetings. It is not going to work however… Thank you to all the citizens out at these town hall meetings having their voices heard! I support you 100%... THANK YOU!

There can be not one hand raised in anger by anyone in disagreement with this agenda, period, NOT ONE! I don’t care if someone is yelling and spitting in your face DO NOT EVER strike first. Let them look like the hired fiends that they are, if anything, lower your tone of voice and become sorta monotone. This will infuriate them because you are not reacting they way that they want or expect. Remember the eyes of the Nation and the world is upon all of us. I say again, no violence!






Updated: 8/07/2009


Ms Kathleen Lyday

THANK YOU for having the BALLS to write this letter and email it to this administration!!


You Ma'am are a true PATRIOT!


This letter was fact checked for authenticity



April 17, 2009

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington , DC 20500

Mr. Obama:

I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your conduct on
your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an
adequate representative of the United States of America collectively
or of me personally.

You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim world
that you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the
United States of America . You are responsible to the citizens of the
United States ... You are not responsible to the people of any other
country on Earth.

I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the
United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care
about their status in the world. Sir, what do you think the First
World War and the Second World War were all about if not the
consideration of the people of Europe ? Are you brain dead? What do
you think the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you not understand or
know the history of the 20th century?

Where do you get off telling a Muslim country that the United States
does not consider itself a Christian country? Have you not read the
Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States ?
This country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the principles
governing this country, at least until you came along, come directly
from this heritage. Do you not understand this?

Your bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia is an affront to all
Americans. Our President does not bow down to anyone, let alone the
king of Saudi Arabia . You didn't show Great Britain , our best and
of our oldest allies, the respect they deserve yet you bow down to the
king of Saudi Arabia .. How dare you, sir! How dare you!

You can't find the time to visit the graves of our greatest generation
because you don't want to offend the Germans but make time to visit a
mosque in Turkey ... You offended our dead and every veteran when you
give the Germans more respect than the people who saved the German
people from themselves. What's the matter with you? I am convinced
that you and the members of your administration have the historical
and intellectual depth of a mud puddle and should be ashamed of
yourselves, all of you.

You are so self-righteously offended by the big bankers and the
American automobile manufacturers yet do nothing about the real
thieves in this situation, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank, Franklin Raines, Jamie
Gorelic, the Fannie Mae bonuses, and the Freddie Mac bonuses. What do
you intend to do about them? Anything? I seriously doubt it.

What about the U.S. House members passing out $9.1 million in bonuses
to their staff members - on top of the $2.5 million in automatic pay
raises that lawmakers gave themselves? I understand the average House
aide got a 17% bonus. I took a 5% cut in my pay to save jobs with my
employer. You haven't said anything about that. Who authorized that? I
surely didn't!

Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be receiving $210
million in bonuses over an eighteen-month period, that's $45 million
more than the AIG bonuses. In fact, Fannie and Freddie executives have
already been awarded $51 million - not a bad take. Who authorized that
and why haven't you expressed your outrage at this group who are
largely responsible for the economic mess we have right now.

I resent that you take me and my fellow citizens as brain-dead and not
caring about what you idiots do. We are watching what you are doing
and we are getting increasingly fed up with all of you.

I also want you to know that I personally find just about everything
you do and say to be offensive to every one of my sensibilities. I
promise you that I will work tirelessly to see that you do not get a
chance to spend two terms destroying my beautiful country.

Every real American
Ms Kathleen Lyday
Fourth Grade Teacher
Grandview Elementary School
11470 Hwy . C
Hillsboro , MO 63050
(636) 944-**** Phone
(636) 944-**** Fax


Phone numbers were **** out by SATF.

Their phones have most likely been ringing off the hook.


Updated: 8/06/2009


I have been busy printing, packing and shipping shirt orders so I have been unable to give a decent update lately.

Here is a great video of Ted.

I'll let him take it today.

I'm going back to packing and shipping!


Thank you for the continued orders!!!






Updated: 8/01/2009



Indentured Servitude

That is what you are being sold out for, indentured servitude...


Pay to Play... You have heard this from me before, right?...

Now, can ANY journalist worth a shit investigate the GE / Cap & Trade / Govt. relationship. Oh, wait... That's right, most of the media is already in bed with GE.

What a crock of shit.






Update: 7/29/2009



Divide and Conquer

Does anyone else see it?

We the people are being divided by our own Govt. so we can then be conquered.

Nature -VS- Nurture which one do you believe in?

Your psychology and idiology are built up from your life experiences


Think about that and think about the most powerful man in the world.

How does that make your 'gut' feel?

Do we now know how important our voice and our votes are? Look at what our Country is being turned into... Look at the dept we are now in, look who we owe the most money to. We are scheduled to spend 12 Trillion more dollars in the next 10 years. Um, what happens when ALL of these programs are put into place and China decides that they do not want to buy anymore of our debt?


Yeah, ummm hmmm..... Social collapse, our society will become dependant upon a system that does not work... and when the money stops (and it will)... what then will happen to a society who has become dependant upon these programs?






Update: 7/23/2009



It seems as if we are now on a collision course with an approaching shit storm. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but look at what is happening in our country. Look what our leader is saying, shit… Joe Biben looks like a tight lipped superstar compared to Obama right about now.

This whole developing racial tension, which has now been aggravated by our president himself was manufactured to take the focus off of the health care issue and throw this into the mix. If there are any “real” reporters out there they need to get a hold of this “reporter” who got fed the question. Wouldn’t you like to ask her a couple of questions?

There are just too many coincidences going on here to get us right where we now are.

Take a look at the health care bill that obama himself still has not read. Do you have any idea what this is? What is proposed? And how it will be implemented… This is some scary stuff, look at his new “Science” Czar and learn about the book he wrote. Add that to this new govt. healthcare and you have population control of the US all wrapped up.  Now we will have the govt in control of our housing, our businesses, our lives… Doesn’t this sink in with anyone??? You will be rated depending on what you can pay back into the system. You will receive health care based upon your rating as well. This is not America; this is not what I grew up believing whatsoever. What happened to being PROUD of our history and heritage as AMERICANS.

We are not all the same people and that is what makes us all great. This Country is based upon people coming together as INDIVIDUALS and attaining a common goal together based upon choice.


I have been saying look at it from 50,000 feet… I have been saying that… but start putting the pieces together people, you have no choice but to see it really. It is right there in front of your faces. There are times in your life where history and your timeline are going to intersect… This is big history happening right now in front of our faces. What are we going to do about it as Americans? Those of us that are Proud of our Country and our way of life and don’t believe we have ANYTHING to apologize for… We are but 200 years old and we have industrialized the modern world. We have become the STRONGEST NATION on the face of the planet in just 200 years, think about that, think about how we did that and what we endured as a Nation. Are we ready to apologize for that? Are YOU ready to apologize for that?


Is this a fraking joke? When are we going to wake up?






Update: 7/21/2009



On our way to Socialism?!?!?!?

In America?!?!?!

When are we going to finally stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

The way this is being spun in some circles it seems this is what a lot of Americans want?!?!




Our Government is voting on bills that they themselves are NOT READING!

This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR MONEY and we have



What happened to transparency?

What happened to posting all bills for five days before voting on them to let us

the American people read them... Hell, if you won't, WE WILL!!



What is Nancy Pelosi still doing in Washington? Haven't they kicked her ass out yet?

Anyone remember Iran?? Guess what, they are still protesting over there!

Remember Neda?? Remember what she died for?

Honduras... Keep that in your mind. (which side did our Govt. take?) Why?


50,000 feet





Update: 7/20/2009


     Does America want to be the USSA? Cause folks, that is where we are heading. Your tax share is quickly nearing 50%  of your income to pay for all of these programs that are being put into place. Think about it, it has been planned for awhile. The Govt. is spending at a pace that has NEVER been seen in our history. The Govt. now has control over banks, wall street, and soon, health care... Once this happens the American people will no longer live in free society. You will have to answer to them and they will control pretty much your entire life.

     With all of the money they are printing and flooding into the economy they are elbowing honest, hard working Americans out of their livelihood. Look what happened to all of those dealerships that had to close when the govt. took over GM... Now when they take over health care what do you think will happen to many, many more Americans when they take control over the health care system? Well we have had 2 people now in control of the auto industry that have had absolutely no experience in that industry. Why not put friggn Roseanne Barr in charge of the health care system, she's got no experience there, could work for you Mr. Prez... How many more Americans will be out of work then? Seems almost as if you are trying to get more and more citizens needing to rely on the Govt... When is it going to end? Is this the America you want for yourselves and your children?

     I told you in an earlier blog that we are selling ourselves into indentured servitude. Our Children now owe more than 100,000 dollars in taxes in their lifetimes... Yeah, I call that indentured servitude. There is NO money for you and I to borrow...



     Carol Swain Phd says many Americans "are quite happy with the movement of the country to socialism"

 What the hell is this?!?!? Really??? Are YOU happy with the Countries movement towards Socialism??? I SURE THE HELL AM NOT!!



When explained to her that Obama was elected on being a moderate democrat and

what his campaign promises were, she said...

"He is not governing that way but that is how he got elected"

So by her own mouth she believes that Obama got elected for being a lying

piece of crap. Nice...


      What did our Grandfathers and Fathers fight for? They fought for FREEDOM! We are now as a Country spending our way into Socialism!

      They are slowly but surely wearing you down into submission... Unless you do something about it!! Write your senators and congressmen, make your voices heard.


      What do you want for America? She is your Country... There will soon be just 2 classes of people in the USA / USSA, the very wealthy and the lower class citizens with very little chance to move ahead in life... The govt. will then sit back and live off of our earned income by taxing 50% of our paychecks to pay for it and to also pay of the deficit... The deficit THEY built up by buying us into Socialism!

      They will do this by "offering" jobs that they will say they created for you! That YOU should be happy about getting that work and you should be grateful! Well the government will then dictate your pay, your health care, your investments, your life... You are no longer free!

Do you feel grateful?


There is not much time to correct this course we have been put on!

Congress better WAKE UP and STOP this!!


You are selling our Country out!! You are selling America and Americans out!!




Update: 7/09/2009


     I would say that officially now, the Stimulus Plan is not doing what it was built up to do. What do you think your tax dollars are going to, what do you think our debt is up to now? .... You, yes YOU personally owe $90,000 in taxes during your lifetime to the govt now. More money has been spent in the last 8 months than was spent from George Washington to George Bush. That's a shitload <--(had to input that into the dictionary) of money... They passed a bill, they literally RAN this thing thru and shoved it down your throat. He made you owe 90k folks, you have to pay this bill off in your lifetime. You think your going to be "ok" and it will end up like some damn sitcom? Think about it, in my opinion, it sounds more like indentured servitude to me...

     Are you looking at this from 50,000 feet yet? If you just tuned in the first post is at the bottom... This starts at the bottom of what is the "Rabbit Hole"...

     Look at where the money trail leads people, please... Actually look at it and report on it. Our money is being used to pay off those who had a very large part in getting President Obama (yes, I do respect the office) elected. This is a larger play to pay scheme than Rod Blagojevich could ever be in my opinion. Just start following the money like a trail of breadcrumbs dropped from Hansel and Gretel. It really is becoming blatantly evident guys, C'mon now.

     The demonstrations are also heating up again in Iran, the pro democracy demonstrators are on the streets again in mass numbers and I have not heard more than a whisper of it in the main street media (MSM)... Not to mention from our administration... Do you find that odd, while we are also trying to reinstate Manuel Zelaya. Who he himself was trying to extend his Presidency to an undetermined length of time... So we are publicly backing Zelaya and are being silent, almost complicit, in our reaction to Iran. Very, very odd don't ya think? ... Remember Neda? ...


     Remember the money trail I was talking about above? Now I dug the below up from a 2008 Washington Post article. Just read the first part there and if you want to read more click the link provided. Sounds like more "Chicago politics" to me, how about you?

let me know what you think...




The Blagojevich Files: The Unnamed 'Senate Candidates'

POSTED: 02:40 PM ET, 12/ 9/2008 by Derek Kravitz


Among the details of the lengthy federal bribery and conspiracy charges filed against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff, John Harris, a few choice "unnamed" Senate candidates stick out.


Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President-elect Barack Obama and a Chicago businesswoman, is likely "Senate Candidate No. 1." Blagojevich thought of "trading" the Senate seat to Jarrett in exchange for becoming secretary of the Health and Human Services Department or leveraging Jarrett's selection for a job with "Change to Win," a coalition of labor unions organized by the Service Employees International Union.



Ok I'm going to bed now... Gnight' 








Updated: 7/08/2009


If you look at when was the last time I posted (6-25-09) you can see that I have been away for a bit.... Why? I dunno, personal disgust about the fury of media coverage on M.J.'s death I guess.

Since the 25th of June that is pretty much all that has been on, morning, noon and night...


Does anyone remember what is going on in Iran?

Remember Neda?

The Socialized health care plan?

How about Honduras?

What is this I hear about another "Stimulus Plan?"

What about HR 645? You hear that one yet?

What about that lying Nancy Pelosi?


I will update more this weekend.









Updated: 6/25/2009




        RIP M.J. and Farrah.


I would like to hear about the Govt. health care plan and what is happening

in Iran though?


Any word?


This should not be treated as "the latest story"







Updated: 6/24/2009



        Stop and watch the below video... I could give a rat's ass about the Iranian Govt..... This will be a memory soon, just because there is no "news" coming out of there does not mean people aren't fighting and dying for their freedom at this very moment in Iran. The less we hear actually, the more violent and ruthless this Govt is becoming towards it's own people, and we, the land of the "Free and the Brave", what are we doing?

                             Not a friggn thing.....

        I stand by my earlier comments, I am embarrassed by our handling of this. I am embarrassed that we can sit here and watch people fight and die for freedoms we take for granted on a daily basis.

                         What do we stand for as a Nation if it is not "Freedom"?


        Do the people of Iran have a chance against The Ghods Force  (نیروی قدس)

                                                    I don't think so...


               You just wish this "spirited debate" would go away don't you Sir?

                        I am sorry, you just don't have that luxury anymore,

                        You can't vote present when all eyes are upon you.









Now, listen to the sound of silence...


Is that mint chocolate chip?

Mr. President, if you pull up those slacks any more you will be a spittn image of Erkle


Conservative estimate: 500 dead in Iran so far


By the way... Are the Iranian diplomats still invited to our Countries 4th of July Celebrations?

Does it really not matter to you which side of this "spirited debate" comes out on top? Really?


Please, tell that to Neda's father.... face to face.


Do you remember Neda Mr. President?

Scroll down, watch the video again.


Or is your agenda and your 'dealings' with the Ayatollah more important?



Updated: 6/23/2009



        The voice from Washington is still empty, I personally am embarrassed for our Country and how we are being represented regarding Iran.

        Even though the President spoke to the "Issue of Iran".... Yeah, that's what he said... He called the fight for freedom in Iran "The issue of Iran" ... Um, Sir... It is a bit more than just a "F'n" issue.

        I keep hearing the "media" say that there is no way of knowing how many people are protesting because the Govt. blackout on media in Iran... My question for the media, do you know where our satellites are currently tasked? I would bet we have a couple hanging around in that part of the world. You want to know how large this fight for freedom is, get access to the data which was collected over the weekend and look at the pictures. Since we now can see what time it is on a persons watch from space, I would think we know exactly how large this actually is, or now could be was....

        Meanwhile we currently have a President who wants to take the "wait and see approach" ... well with all do respect Sir, this is not one of those times where you should take the "wait and see approach" and see what happens to see where you can land on the issue... Now is the time for you to be PRESIDENTIAL and actually take a stand on an issue before an outcome has been reached.

        Do you truly not know Sir? do you truly not know which side (as you would say it) "of the issue in Iran" we as AMERICA should stand on?

        Let's not "wait and see" what happens and "buddy up" to whomever comes out on top in Iran... Let's actually stand our ground and be on the right side of history. Let's make sure the people of Iran know we support them and their right for a fair and free election. Let's make ourselves LOUD AND CLEAR in our message to the Govt. of Iran... Sorry, there is no more room for diplomacy when it comes to the current regime. There should be no way we ever give credibility to this government again. 


        Let's SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT Mr. President... You are a great orator... have one helluva speech drafted up and practice it. Then get out there and deliver a speech that can "Change" the world.







        Now.... let's wait and see what happens... let's wait and see this become a further memory in the distance, fading from media attention and fading from the public mind...


                                             ...An opportunity lost...







The Silence From Washington is deafening...


Warning: The below Video is GRAPHIC!


RIP Neda...

In the name of Democracy and Freedom we can not sit quietly.



What's up with the Irony?... The Destroyer, The USS John McCain is on it's way

to intercept the N. Korean ship suspected of carrying nuclear material...


June  /  20  /  2009 




        SATF Supports the people of Iran in their struggle for freedom. We the people of America stand along your side. I am disgusted by the fact our Government is STILL SILENT ON THIS ISSUE!!!  GET SOME BALLS AND REPRESENT AMERICA AND WHAT SHE STANDS FOR!!! WE SHOULD BE THE VOICE OUT IN THE NIGHT THEY CAN REACH OUT FOR!!!


        Now, for the record, the United States has already been set up to take the fall in this, weather we "get involved" or not. I hear that some think the United States should just stand by and let human beings get slaughtered on the streets, that Iran needs to "work it out" on it's own.... Um, ... BULLSHIT!... I will not be put on the sidelines in this fight. I will not quietly sit by and let it simmer back in the news and have these people fighting for freedom get wiped out "quietly" in the upcoming months, their voices snuffed out, .... and we would be left with a Government hell-bent on the destruction of the United States on it's mind!!

        If this opportunity is not seized democracy will be dead in Iran.


        Can we just sit by?



                 ARE ON THE SIDE OF




        I am embarrassed by a Government that will sit by and have a neutral position in this... embarrassed...







June  /  19  /  2009 

(fore note)

The weirdest thing just happened... I finished uploading this page to the website and the

power in my house went out. I went outside and there was only about 7 houses in the

neighborhood effected, mine being one. The power came back on about 2 hours later.....Hmmmmm

(got to get me one of them there tinfoil hat things)



Hey Barbara Boxer, Ma'am, Senator,....

Really what's your problem exactly? Not getting any.....?       

Where do YOU get off talking to a Brig General the way you did? Do you you think he was just given that star on his shoulder?

Where is the respect Ma'am? Really where is it?




          There has been a TON of stuff going on in the World right now and I am  ASTONISHED from the deafening silence I hear from Washington on   ANYTHING?!?!             

            What is goin on here?  (I just added ‘goin’ into the auto dictionary cause I use it a lot.) Does anyone see this crap? Silence is a form of complicity so I choose not to be silent. I am very disappointed in what I am currently witnessing, our representation (or lack there of) in the World. Iran is going thru what could be a total revolution and overthrow of their religious based government, and we are doing nothing… we are silent… We as Americans believe in separation of church and state, there are Governments out there who rule totally based upon their religion and abuse the people who live within their borders with out any worry of retribution.


             Does the United States of America not




I came across this letter the other day and wanted to put it up here in case you

have not had the pleasure of reading it.


GLENN: I got a letter from a woman in Arizona. She writes an open letter to our nation's leadership:


I'm a home grown American citizen, 53, registered Democrat all my life. Before the last presidential election I registered as a Republican because I no longer felt the Democratic Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. Now I no longer feel the Republican Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. The fact is I no longer feel any political party or representative in Washington represents my views or works to pursue the issues important to me. There must be someone. Please tell me who you are. Please stand up and tell me that you are there and that you're willing to fight for our Constitution as it was written. Please stand up now. You might ask yourself what my views and issues are that I would horribly feel so disenfranchised by both major political parties. What kind of nut job am I? Will you please tell me?

Well, these are briefly my views and issues for which I seek representation:

One, illegal immigration. I want you to stop coddling illegal immigrants and secure our borders. Close the underground tunnels. Stop the violence and the trafficking in drugs and people. No amnesty, not again. Been there, done that, no resolution. P.S., I'm not a racist. This isn't to be confused with legal immigration.

Two, the TARP bill, I want it repealed and I want no further funding supplied to it. We told you no, but you did it anyway. I want the remaining unfunded 95% repealed. Freeze, repeal.

Three: Czars, I want the circumvention of our checks and balances stopped immediately. Fire the czars. No more czars. Government officials answer to the process, not to the president. Stop trampling on our Constitution and honor it.

Four, cap and trade. The debate on global warming is not over. There is more to say.

Five, universal healthcare. I will not be rushed into another expensive decision. Don't you dare try to pass this in the middle of the night and then go on break. Slow down!

Six, growing government control. I want states rights and sovereignty fully restored. I want less government in my life, not more. Shrink it down. Mind your own business. You have enough to take care of with your real obligations. Why don't you start there.

Seven, ACORN. I do not want ACORN and its affiliates in charge of our 2010 census. I want them investigated. I also do not want mandatory escrow fees contributed to them every time on every real estate deal that closes. Stop the funding to ACORN and its affiliates pending impartial audits and investigations. I do not trust them with taking the census over with our taxpayer money. I don't trust them with our taxpayer money. Face up to the allegations against them and get it resolved before taxpayers get any more involved with them. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, hello. Stop protecting your political buddies. You work for us, the people. Investigate.

Eight, redistribution of wealth. No, no, no. I work for my money. It is mine. I have always worked for people with more money than I have because they gave me jobs. That is the only redistribution of wealth that I will support. I never got a job from a poor person. Why do you want me to hate my employers? Why ‑‑ what do you have against shareholders making a profit?

Nine, charitable contributions. Although I never got a job from a poor person, I have helped many in need. Charity belongs in our local communities, where we know our needs best and can use our local talent and our local resources. Butt out, please. We want to do it ourselves.

Ten, corporate bailouts. Knock it off. Sink or swim like the rest of us. If there are hard times ahead, we'll be better off just getting into it and letting the strong survive. Quick and painful. Have you ever ripped off a Band‑Aid? We will pull together. Great things happen in America under great hardship. Give us the chance to innovate. We cannot disappoint you more than you have disappointed us.

Eleven, transparency and accountability. How about it? No, really, how about it? Let's have it. Let's say we give the buzzwords a rest and have some straight honest talk. Please try ‑‑ please stop manipulating and trying to appease me with clever wording. I am not the idiot you obviously take me for. Stop sneaking around and meeting in back rooms making deals with your friends. It will only be a prelude to your criminal investigation. Stop hiding things from me.

Twelve, unprecedented quick spending. Stop it now.

Take a breath. Listen to the people. Let's just slow down and get some input from some nonpoliticians on the subject. Stop making everything an emergency. Stop speed reading our bills into law. I am not an activist. I am not a community organizer. Nor am I a terrorist, a militant or a violent person. I am a parent and a grandparent. I work. I'm busy. I'm busy. I am busy, and I am tired. I thought we elected competent people to take care of the business of government so that we could work, raise our families, pay our bills, have a little recreation, complain about taxes, endure our hardships, pursue our personal goals, cut our lawn, wash our cars on the weekends and be responsible contributing members of society and teach our children to be the same all while living in the home of the free and land of the brave.

I entrusted you with upholding the Constitution. I believed in the checks and balances to keep from getting far off course. What happened? You are very far off course. Do you really think I find humor in the hiring of a speed reader to unintelligently ramble all through a bill that you signed into law without knowing what it contained? I do not. It is a mockery of the responsibility I have entrusted to you. It is a slap in the face. I am not laughing at your arrogance. Why is it that I feel as if you would not trust me to make a single decision about my own life and how I would live it but you should expect that I should trust you with the debt that you have laid on all of us and our children. We did not want the TARP bill. We said no. We would repeal it if we could. I am sure that we still cannot. There is such urgency and recklessness in all of the recent spending.

From my perspective, it seems that all of you have gone insane. I also know that I am far from alone in these feelings. Do you honestly feel that your current pursuits have merit to patriotic Americans? We want it to stop. We want to put the brakes on everything that is being rushed by us and forced upon us. We want our voice back. You have forced us to put our lives on hold to straighten out the mess that you are making. We will have to give up our vacations, our time spent with our children, any relaxation time we may have had and money we cannot afford to spend on you to bring our concerns to Washington. Our president often knows all the right buzzword is unsustainable. Well, no kidding. How many tens of thousands of dollars did the focus group cost to come up with that word? We don't want your overpriced words. Stop treating us like we're morons.

We want all of you to stop focusing on your reelection and do the job we want done, not the job you want done or the job your party wants done. You work for us and at this rate I guarantee you not for long because we are coming. We will be heard and we will be represented. You think we're so busy with our lives that we will never come for you? We are the formerly silent majority, all of us who quietly work , pay taxes, obey the law, vote, save money, keep our noses to the grindstone and we are now looking up at you. You have awakened us, the patriotic spirit so strong and so powerful that it had been sleeping too long. You have pushed us too far. Our numbers are great. They may surprise you. For every one of us who will be there, there will be hundreds more that could not come. Unlike you, we have their trust. We will represent them honestly, rest assured. They will be at the polls on voting day to usher you out of office. We have cancelled vacations. We will use our last few dollars saved. We will find the representation among us and a grassroots campaign will flourish. We didn't ask for this fight. But the gloves are coming off. We do not come in violence, but we are angry. You will represent us or you will be replaced with someone who will. There are candidates among us when hewill rise like a Phoenix from the ashes that you have made of our constitution.

Democrat, Republican, independent, libertarian. Understand this. We don't care. Political parties are meaningless to us. Patriotic Americans are willing to do right by us and our Constitution and that is all that matters to us now. We are going to fire all of you who abuse power and seek more. It is not your power. It is ours and we want it back. We entrusted you with it and you abused it. You are dishonorable. You are dishonest. As Americans we are ashamed of you. You have brought shame to us. If you are not representing the wants and needs of your constituency loudly and consistently, in spite of the objections of your party, you will be fired. Did you hear? We no longer care about your political parties. You need to be loyal to us, not to them. Because we will get you fired and they will not save you. If you do or can represent me, my issues, my views, please stand up. Make your identity known. You need to make some noise about it. Speak up. I need to know who you are. If you do not speak up, you will be herded out with the rest of the sheep and we will replace the whole damn congress if need be one by one. We are coming. Are we coming for you? Who do you represent? What do you represent? Listen. Because we are coming. We the people are coming.

This letter was written by Janet Contreras,

Hey Janet if you happen come across this site email me...

You are not alone in your thinking.


I am Phoenix based as well, the ball needs to roll...






June / 13 / 2009


     Just saw how we in our great wisdom released "F'n" terrorists in Bermuda... Wow, those guys are living better than most of us here in the U.S. This is a damn joke, we are now releasing terrorists back into the world so they can re-group and what, attack us again? What the hell are you people thinking in Washington? It now clearly seems that there is a major lack of comprehension and thought put into decisions like these. I saw no guards guarding these men and no electronic monitoring devices. I understand that they will also be able to obtain a passport? Are you friggin kidding me?!?!

     I am becoming more and more disgusted on a daily basis about what I am hearing. I read a story in our local newspaper and hear about a local Chrysler dealership closing it's doors and think about the many people this one dealership supports. Now Nationwide that number could be as high as 40,000 added to the unemployment lines. Congratulations there, this is wonderful for our economy and is such a stimulus package!

    These people paid into the government system for many years and now are being told by the government to shut their doors? So in essence, these people who will be effected by the closures, paid into a stimulus package which made them lose their jobs and the ability to care for their families. Now they will be looking for work right along the side of many others effected in a similar way.

     How many private sector jobs has the stimulus package created? How many has it lost?





June  / 5 /  2009



Thought of the day

You do not have to like your Government, you do have to LOVE your Country...



June  / 4 /  2009

     Ok, so I have to give props where props are due. I have not heard the entire Egypt speech but have seen some clips and from what I have seen so far it sounds pretty good. It sounds like it was written well for him and he delivered it nicely. I am sure I will have more to say once I see it in it's entirety.

     For now at least, kudos...


      Got more of the speech today, June  / 5  / 2009 and I tried very hard to be impressed with what he was saying but... I just couldn't... The best part for me was when he was speaking to the youth of the middle east. The pattern of violence can only be stopped with the next generations...

The cadence and tempo of the speech was good but it was somehow empty when you listened to the words and not get sucked into the bravado.


     Now can someone tell me how WE are going to fix this economy?!?!?!

      Are we just sitting on our asses looking to the East waiting for the fix to come from Washington? Shit, we are going to be waiting for a fricking long ass time and we will just watch what was America fade into the past, wondering what happened... We will only have ourselves to blame unless we start to speak up and start 'doing' rather than take the "wait and see approach"






June / 3 / 2009


     So I have been watching the news since I have been home for about thirty minutes now, what is this about President Obama's  speech to the "Muslim World" tomorrow??? Ok now did he not run as a Christian? and yet he tells the world that we are not a "Christian" nation... Now we as a Country believe in the separation of church and state, so to me personally, the religious belief of our President is not overly important... BUT... For President Obama to give credence now to the "Muslim World" where their religion is* their world just does not sit right with me.

     In fact I would call it a very dangerous play. The laws for the "Muslim World" which he is addressing tomorrow is the Qur'an. Now think for a moment if you will... Tomorrow the President of The United States will be addressing the "Muslim World" as a Christian with a Muslim background, who during his Presidential campaign practically denounced his Muslim heritage and now recently all of a sudden he has been embracing it while in the same breath he says that the United States is not a Christian nation. Now I know, separation of church and state and all but was not the foundation of our Nation built upon Christian values?

     Good luck over there President Obama. I really think you do love this Country and that you are doing what you think will put us on a better footing with the parts of the world we have been at odds of sorts with. I however respectively disagree with you and think this could be a dangerous road our Country is heading on.


*Here's to President Clinton



May / 31 / 2009


Thought of the day

"Political correctness can kiss my ass!"


Too much emphasis placed on political correctness is a direct assault on our  first amendment rights.



Congratulations, as of tomorrow we (the taxpayers) will be 70% owners of GM which

will now be known as Govt. Motors... My next car will be a Ford which is a shame

because I did have my eye on that new Camaro. Oh well...



The following letter was written by the Vice President of the AZ FOP. Here is yet another example of how this administration is snubbing it's nose at what makes this Country great...

Very disturbing indeed.


Dear editor,


May 21, 2009


Police week is always during the week that May 15 falls in. On May 15 the National Peace Officer Memorial is held on the front lawn of the congress.

The service is held to honor the peace officers of this nation who were killed in the line of duty and to help the survivors cope with their loss.

 The President of the United Sates usually is the key note speaker as he is the commander in chief and the peace officers died in the line of duty protecting the citizens of our country. President Bush attended seven out of eight services. He was out of town for one service.

 President Obama decided not to attend this year’s service. It appears that he was too busy greeting the Phillies baseball team; see the daily calendar at the end of this letter. President Obama also stated in the past that we need to work together in a bipartisan way and not be a partisan. I guess he forgot that that also applies to him.

The National Peace Officer Memorial Service is sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police. The FOP endorsed John McCain for president and it looks like that this is a payback from President Obama for not supporting him. He only succeeded in disrespecting the fallen officers, their families and friends and all of law enforcement in our country.


2nd Vice President Arizona State FOP


Presidential Schedule for May / 15 / 2009



In the morning, the President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing, the Economic Daily Briefing, and meet with senior advisors in the Oval Office. These meetings are closed press.

In the afternoon, the President will welcome the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team to the White House. This event is open press.

The President will meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. The meeting is closed press.

9:30 AM THE PRESIDENT meets with senior advisors

10:00AM THE PRESIDENT receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

10:25AM THE PRESIDENT receives the Economic Daily Briefing

12:20PM THE PRESIDENT welcomes the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Team to the White House

1:05PM THE PRESIDENT meets with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

1:30PM Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs


It looks like you had a great time Mr. President.

Yeah, Shaka Brah...

(Yes, that is sarcasm)



I found this in a folder I had saved and put in a "safe place", you know how

that goes... I wrote this around the time of the Tea Parties.


1-6 have happened or are happening right now. 7, 8 and 9 have not happened yet. 10 is questionable as I think has already happened in many peoples minds.


The Constitution is an actual threat to the objectives of this current administration. This is the same Constitution that this entire administration raised their right hand to and swore to protect and defend. This is also the very same Constitution that gives you, me and everyone who is legally in this Country (We The People) our rights and freedoms. It is of the UPMOST importance that We The People are also prepared to protect and defend our Constitution.


We are all today a free people in The United States of America, we are Americans and are free to speak our minds and be heard. This is currently being attacked as it can be seen easily with open eyes. The “Tea Party” protests were mocked and made fun of by the MSM in an overtly disgusting way, this was a tactic to dull and minimize the overall effect of these protests. This was also a tactic to try and get into the heads of Americans who were not able to attend these Protests due to work and other engagements. This was a direct attempt to make those who attended these “Tea Parties” look like “Right Wing Extremists”… Now think of the timing that the DHS report came out titled (U//FOUO) – labeled IA-0257-09   RWE  dated 7 April 2009. In this report it pretty much outlined what to look out for in “Right Wing Extremism” … wow coincidental don’t you think?


Ya sure… 


Come to think of it did the POTUS even ever once directly comment on these Protests? I do not recall seeing or hearing his comments on the issue. Incredible, he will try the direct approach with the enemies of the United States but he will not directly acknowledge Americans with genuine concerns about the path OUR Country is on.


His only comment was that of disdain and mockery made well after the fact...


Once the MSM gets into the heads of their primary targets they will believe what they are fed, some call them “Kool-Aid” drinkers, I call them “Zombies”… Once they are “programmed” into this way of thinking these “Zombies” will have the potential to become irrational, angry and in some cases violent.





5 / 18 / 2009

I have been spending time on trying to get buttons to work properly on the menus. See, this is a true grass roots effort here, no GOP $ here miss Nancy (lying B) Pelosi.

I hope to have updates soon.



Ok, I thought this was too good to pass up on. Check this out...

Today is May/18/2009 and Nancy Pelosi is caught up in a nice little lie. While she is playing politics at the CIA's expense she is succeeding in making our Country weaker.

"Thanks Nancy"


Also, I got a kick out of this... Check out msn's take on it (lol) ...

Just makes ya go hmmm...

The longer Nancy stays in office the less respect I have for an administration who tolerates yet another lying P.O.S. in it's ranks.

The writing is on the wall...

.. -   .. ...  .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.--  .-  -... ..- -. -.-. ....

--- ..-.  -... ..- .-.. .-.. ... .... .. -  !!


5 / 20 / 2009

Revolution by Herbert E. Meyer is a bit of a read but is a very GOOD read!


The American Thinker
By Herbert E. Meyer

During the last 30 years we Americans have been so politically divided that some of us have called this left-right, liberal-conservative split a "culture war" or even a "second Civil War." These descriptions are no longer accurate. The precise, technical word for what is happening in the United States today is revolution.

Because of our country's history, we tend to think of revolutions as military conflicts, and of the revolutionaries as the good guys; the image of Minutemen fighting valiantly against the British forces at Lexington and Concord lies deep within our DNA. But sometimes –– quite often, actually –– revolutions aren't military conflicts, and the good guys are the ones trying to keep the revolution from happening. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany by its elected president; he would spend the next two years consolidating his power with the legislative connivance of his political allies in the Reichstag. In October 1917, Lenin and his Bolsheviks took control of Russia from Kerensky and his Social Democrats –– who had overthrown the Czar earlier that year –– entirely through parliamentary maneuvering in Russia's fledgling Duma.

What defines a revolution –– and this is the crucial point to grasp –– is that when it's over a country has changed not merely its leaders and its laws, but its operating system. Since most of us think of computers when we hear the phrase "operating system" let me use this analogy to illuminate my point: Every computer has an operating system, and most of us are using either the Microsoft or the Apple operating system. If you want to do something with your computer –– send an email, watch a DVD, read an online essay like this one –– you must do it the way your computer's operating system is designed to work. No operating system is perfect, which is why Microsoft and Apple send updates to their customers from time to time. And every so often these companies launch new versions of their operating systems that incorporate a lot of modifications at once. Can you change the operating system you use? Of course you can. Two years ago I threw out every Microsoft-based machine in our company's office and replaced them with Apple products. Last month I met a corporate CEO who had just done the opposite, and replaced the Apple computers in his office with ones that run on the Microsoft operating system.

Now, just as computers have operating systems so too do countries. In fact, countries have dual operating systems - one political and the other economic. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of each: Politically you can be a democracy or a dictatorship, and economically you can have either a free market or a command economy. Because countries don't buy their operating systems off the shelf, the way we buy our computer operating systems, each country develops its own versions. This is why our country's democracy is somewhat different from Canada's, which in turn is slightly different from Australia's, and so forth. These countries all have free-market economies, but again they aren't quite the same. Still, the similarities among democracies and free-market economies are more striking than the differences. Likewise, while no two dictatorships are the same, and no two command economies work in exactly the same way, the differences among them are comparatively trivial.

Since no country's operating systems are perfect, can they be improved? Of course they can. Every time our Congress passes a new law, or enacts a new regulation –– or whenever the Supreme Court issues an opinion –– that's the equivalent of an update to our political or economic operating system. Can you change a country's operating system? Yes, you can. And the precise, technical word for replacing one political or economic operating system with another is –– revolution.

When politics in a democracy is normal, the political parties all agree to preserve the operating system while they compete to improve it. This is what is actually happening when one party in Congress introduces a new piece of healthcare or education legislation and the other party opposes it or introduces its own healthcare or education bill, or when two candidates for the Senate argue over whether or not to change our immigration laws. Honorable people often will disagree about what to do –– sometimes quite strongly, just as the software engineers at Microsoft and Apple will sometimes argue through the night about whether a proposed change in the operating system's code is an improvement or just "kludge." But in normal politics the outer limits of all these disagreements are marked by a shared commitment to preserving and improving the operating system.

In abnormal politics, the objective of one party isn't to improve the operating system, but to overthrow it. With this analogy in mind, now we can see clearly what's been happening in the United States during the last three decades. While conservatives have been working to improve our democracy and our free-market economy, liberals have been working to replace our democracy with a dictatorship, and our free-market economy with a command economy controlled by the government. The liberals couldn't say this aloud, because if they did the American people would have tossed them out of office on their ears. So the liberals worked covertly, feigning support for democracy and for the free market while working diligently to undermine both.

This is why our politics has been so partisan, so vicious, and so deadlocked. This is why words have lost their meaning in Washington, why we can never get to the bottom of anything, why we lurch from one manufactured scandal to another. It's all been part of a decades-long effort by the liberals to throw sand in our eyes –– to keep us from seeing clearly where they really want to take us. (And this explains why, when we question their judgment on some issue, they go berserk and accuse us of questioning their patriotism. They're afraid we're on the verge of catching on. If you want to have some fun, the next time you're chatting with a liberal and he goes nuts when you call him a socialist, say to him: "I'm so sorry you're offended. Please tell me, what is there about socialism you don't like?" You won't get a coherent answer; he'll just accuse you of a hate crime.)

Obama's Two-Front Offensive

With the election of Barack Obama as president, the liberals have launched a massive, two-front offensive they believe will end in victory. They have judged that our public education system is so degraded that only a few Americans are left who even understand what a democracy is, and how the free market actually works. They are convinced that the majority of Americans are too frightened by the current recession to care about preserving the principles that made us the most powerful, productive and innovative country the world has ever known. In short, the liberals are reaching for victory because they believe that history now is on their side. The speed of their offensive is breathtaking.

At the core of democracy is the rule of law, and we have already lost it. The liberals lecture us incessantly that everything is "relative," but that's not true; some things are absolutes. You cannot claim to be faithful to your spouse because you never cheat on her –– except when you're in London on business. And you cannot claim to have the rule of law if the government can set aside the rule of law when it decides that "special circumstances" have arisen that warrant illegality. When the President and his aides handed ownership of Chrysler Corp. to the United Auto Workers union, they tried to avoid sending that beleaguered company into bankruptcy by muscling its bondholders into accepting less money for their assets than the law entitled them to collect. These contracts, and the law under which they were signed, were mere obstacles to a thuggish President bent on paying off his political supporters.

It's going to get much worse, fast. President Obama has told us time and again that among his criteria for choosing Federal judges will be "empathy." Empathy is a wonderful quality in any human being, but a judge's job is to rule according to the law. Once our courts are presided over by judges who will reach verdicts based on how they feel about an issue –– such as abortion or the right of citizens to bear arms –– the law will be whatever the judges wish it to be; the rule of law will become an empty phrase rather than the architecture of our civilization.

We have lost our free-market economy as quickly as we have lost the rule of law. Money is to an economy what blood is to a body; life and death resides within the organ that controls its flow. The government already owns our country's leading banks, which means the government now controls our economy. (And in all fairness to President Obama, it was the Bush administration that started us down this ghastly road.) One indicator of the Obama administration's real objective: When some banks that had taken federal money attempted to repay their loans, the Treasury Department refused to accept repayment and step aside. This shows the government's goal isn't to prop up the banks, but rather to control them.

Here, too, things are going to get much worse, fast. The government now owns General Motors Corp., is reaching for control of insurance companies, and has launched plans to take over our country's healthcare industry. It even wants authority to set the salaries of executives in industries that, at least for now, aren't being subsidized or underwritten by the government. Put all this together, and what we have in our country today isn't a democracy and it isn't a free-market economy. Reader, what we have now is a revolution.

This revolution won't be stopped, and our country won't be rescued, by the Republicans in Washington. This isn't because they lack the votes. It's because most of them are careerist hacks who've been playing footsie with the Democrats for too long; with very few exceptions they lack the intellectual firepower to articulate the present danger, and the political courage to stand up to this Administration and really fight. But for the absence of frock coats and pince-nez glasses, these Republicans in Washington remind me of those bumbling Weimar Republic politicians in Berlin who never grasped where Hitler and the Nazis were going until it was too late to stop them, or of those hapless Mensheviks in Moscow's Duma who let themselves be tossed into history's dustbin by Lenin and his Bolsheviks. (Yes, of course I realize it's explosive to keep bringing up the Nazis and the Bolsheviks in an essay about the Democrats. I'm not doing this to be incendiary; I'm doing this to be accurate.

Our country's future now lies within our own hands –– yours, mine, all of us who comprise what the Washington insiders sneeringly call the grass roots. Good, because unless I'm very much mistaken the liberals have over-estimated their strength. There still are more of us than there are of them. I mean ordinary, decent Americans from across the political spectrum who may disagree about specific issues, but who understand who we are and how we became who we are; who love our country, have a genius for self-organizing, and won't let the United States go down without a fight.

We need to launch a counter-offensive, so to speak, and the place to start is at the local level. Working with our county and state political parties when we can –– or working around them when we must –– our objective will be to elect as many people as we can to public office who understand what a democracy is and how the free market works. This will include city council members, county commissioners, school board members, judges, sheriffs and even members of the local parks commission. With the strength and political momentum their elections will provide, we can surge to the state level and then –– before it's too late –– take back the power in Washington DC.

I know this isn't the kind of battle most of us want to fight; we would rather watch the talking heads slug it out on Fox News than stand on a street corner handing out campaign flyers. And given our country's history, for a while it will be uncomfortable to find ourselves fighting against the revolution and for the status quo. But we'll get used to this as we make our case over and over again –– to our friends, our neighbors, at barbeques and PTA meetings and at public rallies like those marvelous April tea parties that drove the liberals insane. And we'll draw strength as our ranks swell with new recruits.

The alternative to launching this kind of peaceful and political counter-attack is horrific. Right now sales of guns and ammunition are rising sharply. This reflects an intuitive grasp by grass-roots Americans of what history teaches may lie ahead. It was only after the Nazis had secured their grip on power in Germany, and only after the Bolsheviks had seized control of Russia, that they set out to disarm and destroy the vast numbers of ordinary citizens who - to the astonishment and fury of the revolutionaries –– just wouldn't go along. That's when the real shooting started, and when blood began flowing in the streets.

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council. He holds the U.S. National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, which is the Intelligence Community's highest honor. He is author of The Cure for Poverty and How to Analyze Information.




Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Nafisi Suggests about a

Biological Attack at the White House

 and Prays for the Bombing of a

 Nuclear Plant on Lake Michigan in this video.


This is how our enemies think on a daily basis...

every single day.


Now ask yourself, what do you think about

on a daily basis....

Kinda pales in comparison, don't you think?


How prepared are you?






Let's not register them Nancy, thanks...




"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, announced last week that she wants to register guns. Her next move will be to try to confiscate them.

The speaker picked a television show with a viewership of 4.6 million to float the Democrats' coming gun-control push. Questioned on ABC's "Good Morning America" about the prospect of new gun-control laws now that "it's a Democratic president, a Democratic House," she responded, "We don't want to take their guns away. We want them registered."

Politicians and bureaucrats routinely claim that registration helps solve crimes. If a registered gun is used in a crime and left at the crime scene, registration supposedly lets the police trace the gun back to the criminal. Though this turn of events might work on fictional TV crime shows, it virtually never occurs in real life. Criminals' guns are rarely left at crime scenes. When guns are left behind, it usually is because a crook has been seriously injured or killed and the police are poised to catch him anyway.

The few guns left at crime scenes rarely - if ever - are registered to the perpetrator. If they are registered at all, it is to someone else, whose piece was stolen. Despite what Mrs. Pelosi might think, those who use guns to commit major crimes such as robbing and killing are unlikely to respect her request to file paperwork so the government can catalog the tools of their trade.
Numerous examples disprove gun-control propaganda. Hawaii has had licensing and registration of guns for about 50 years. After all of the administrative expenses and inconvenience imposed on gun owners, police there cannot point to a single crime that has been solved as a result of those programs. Given Hawaii's remote island geography, this should be an ideal place to keep track of guns because movement in and out of the state is limited and legal importation is controlled. If registration is going to work anywhere, it should work there. Unfortunately, criminals seem to be able to get their hands on guns virtually anyplace in the world.

Other jurisdictions with a history of strict handgun bans, such as the District of Columbia and Chicago, have even required registration of hunting rifles and shotguns for more than 20 years. Neither the District nor Chicago can point to any crimes that have been solved using registration records.

The same rules apply across the border. Canada, which has imposed registration of handguns since the 1930s, does not have much to show for it. In 2006, when the Liberal Party under Prime Minister Paul Martin controlled the government, it was admitted in parliamentary debate that just three crimes in 70 years had been solved as a result of registration. A couple of those cases were debatable because other independent evidence helped solve the crimes. According to the Canadian Ministry of Public Safety, just 4 percent of Canadian handgun murders in 2005 and 2006 were committed with registered handguns, and none of those were registered to the people who committed the crimes. As for long-gun registration, at least as of 2006, not a single violent crime had been solved through registration.

Because registration doesn't help solve crime, it is important to ask why government wants to register the people's firearms. History provides the answer. In countries from Australia to England, registration has been used to create lists of guns that later were confiscated by their governments. Despite Mrs. Pelosi's assurances to the contrary, Americans' fear that registration will lead to confiscation is well-founded. Indeed, Mrs. Pelosi's own state of California already has used existing registration lists to confiscate so-called assault weapons just a half-dozen years ago.

The speaker claims registration won't lead to gun confiscation because of the Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, which struck down the District's handgun ban last June. She knows full well that this judgment was based on a narrow 5-4 decision that could be reversed when President Obama gets his opportunity to appoint an additional liberal justice to the court.

A Gallup poll released Wednesday shows that support for gun control is "at an all-time low" since the issue started being surveyed nearly 50 years ago. According to Gallup, just 29 percent favor handgun bans. Now that Democrats are in control of the legislative and executive branches of government, even the will of the people won't keep them from going after the guns of law-abiding Americans."







Link to something very damaging to the security of the United States: HERE  

         The above link has a video about the damage that has just been done to our country. We as a Country have just given our enemies a playbook to some of the most sensitive information we had. Our enemies will use this against us and it will be studied, learned and they will be ready for it. My question to the administration is, why did you not take the advice of our entire intelligence community and not release this “most sensitive” information? You ignore your own intelligence officers and release material that they tell you will be very harmful to the security of our Nation and you do it anyway? ….. Yeah, thanks guys, really “F’n” smart there. What the hell are you thinking?



The next interesting development is the “Handshake” between our President and Hugo Chavez. Please google “Hugo Chavez” and see what you find out about him. Then give some thought on the impact of this and to what it means to the bigger picture.

Some people will undoubtedly say "what's the big deal, he is trying to improve relations"  I say again, take the time and educate yourself on Hugo Chavez. We are a weaker nation today, I am surprised he didn't bow though... maybe he forgot to wear his contacts and he tied his shoes nice and tight. what a joke...



It is obvious to me that Presidents should now have to take a training class on how to handle foreign encounters and the leaders of other nations.

We have insulted our allies and paled around with nations who hate us.

No matter who you are or what you think, that is just plain stupid and dangerous.

If you do not agree with me, then you are truly a idiotic moron... no really.






Great Job everyone!!!  The Tea Parties were a great success yesterday!!! I am very happy there was such a great turn out and that there are many people who feel the same way I do! We are not extremists; we are Americans who still believe in the principals this great Country was founded under!



           Stay the course, we can and will block the effort to change our Country into something we do not recognize or want. Remember what America stands for and what we have fought and bled for... Freedom…


         The second amendment is not the only freedom we enjoy as a nation that is in jeopardy. Apparently our freedom of speech is being manipulated and they are trying to portray mainstream Americans as extremists.


Unbelievable when you listen to the MSM about the 250,000+ people that attended these Tea Parties. They are making ordinary people look like extremists when they are asking legitimate questions of their government. The rules and constitution do not change with a change in government… We are a free people and we are in charge of our government, NOT the other way around, do we not understand this as a society anymore???  If we as a society do not see this in front of our faces, shame on us. Shame on us…


If you do realize what is occurring make yourself be heard and stand up for our Constitution




Psychological Warfare




         Right now there is a war on American soil, do not be fooled or lulled into believing the mainstream    media. They will have you believe that you are on the lunatic fringe or that you are a “right wing extremist”. I heard it many times yesterday; CNN and MSNBC were doing nothing but bashing the protests. These are no longer credible news sources as they have an agenda and are working with the far left which is evident and very easy to see. They are hoping to ware you down over time and destroy your will to fight for your liberty and freedoms.


         The government does not control the people,

the people control the government.



         Now turn on CNN, MSNBC, NBC and most MSM, listen to the coverage and how they are portraying you. There is nothing wrong with questioning our elected leadership and expecting an answer in return. What is wrong is asking the questions and not even be acknowledged by our government. When any mention of this comes out of Pelosis’ mouth, she actually insults the very efforts of the people in a pompous way… um, WTF?!?…


         When the administration was asked what President Obama’s thoughts were on the subject of the Tea Parties they said he was “unaware” of them and offered no more of a comment… So tell me, does that make you feel comfortable? When 250,000+ people gather all over the country and ask questions they get the cold shoulder and get called extremists?


         If this sounds like a conspiracy then watch a little news from MSNBC, Fox, and CNN, then you tell me what your perception is of the coverage you are seeing. They also tried to make Vet’s look suspicious as right wing extremist terrorists?!?!?!? Ok, so now we have our own war veteran’s under a cloud of suspicion and we are no longer using the word “terrorist” to describe radical Muslim extremists… Please excuse my language on this one but what the fuck?






          Wow, just wow… This is amazing to me, where is the Country I learned about in school? Can anyone tell me that? It seems to me that it is almost a thing of the past now.



         People who love the Constitution and this Country are not extremists. War veteran’s returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan should be held in the highest regard, not have a shroud of suspicion put over them. The extremist left wing is trying to label patriotic American’s who believe in what made this Country great “Radical Extremists”… Now I am sorry but loving and believing in the Constitution and the history of the United States makes a person a Patriot, not an extremist.



       We the people love this Country and what she stands for, and for what she has stood for throughout history.





         So now that our administration and the Office of the President are not using the word “terror” and are going around the world basically apologizing for America’s actions in the past. Think about what that means for America and her place in the world. We as a nation have built the greatest society in the history of the world in just 233 years. Does anyone here in America actually realize what kind of feat that is or what kind of gift we were given as American’s???


Our Country’s founders gave us a great gift and we are treading very closely to making them roll over in their graves.


A lot of the world in the recent past has thought that America had too much power and now we are on the path to be just 1 out of 20 instead of being #1… What is wrong with being number one? Can someone please tell me that? What is wrong with being number one?… Tell me…


No, sorry to tell you that sometimes it is good to be number one,


sometimes it pays to be number one and sometimes the only one that makes it out a-live is the winner… This is real life, not the touchy feely club of the nations of the world. We are loosing the “street cred” as a Nation that kept us safe for many years and we are now being tested and probed. Look at our reaction to N. Korea launching a missile, our reaction you ask? Yeah, I asked the same thing. We just sat there and pulled up a chair and a bag of popcorn and watched as N. Korea furthered their progress in possessing a nuclear weapon… and… did… nothing…


Let’s face it folks, the world is a very dangerous place and we as a Nation have decided in change… Is this the change you were wanting, the weakening of America in the eyes of the world, in the most dangerous time in our history? That’s what is happening pretty much in a nutshell…


America is #1 in the world, and with being #1, and the largest power in the world, comes real responsibilities where real decision making skills and abilities are needed.


Do we have that?




       Ok, so now our administration is joining up with the G20 and EU. Moving the United States of America towards a fate where international law trumps our laws and our CONSTITUTION!! EXCUSE ME?!?!?!



So now we the people of the United States will be at the mercy of international law? What is really going on here?   



      I feel like our current administration is selling out the Country and once this is done and we are entrenched in the EU, we as a Country in this “Union” will not just be able to say “ok, I have had enough, thank you, bye bye…”               
   …. No, no, no…



It doesn’t work that way once you are a part of the EU…
International law would have our collective Asses.




        So now, why isn’t anyone in the administration coming out and explaining this plan to the American people point blank?? Do we not have a right to know what the leaders of our country are doing with the fate of OUR COUNTRY!!!



How can we just sit back and let this happen? Get your voices heard!!


The United States Of America is our Country



        Too many good men and women have put their lives on the line and have lost their lives to PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION, not to sell out to the EU, which in all intense and purposes wipes out and nullifies our Constitution!!!



        Just like that, in a snap of our fingers we just spit on the graves of every man and woman who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending and protecting our beloved Country.




Our entire Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, is in pretty grave danger people.





 What, are we doing here people… sleeping???





     Does anyone see what is happening to our country? How much money the government is spending of our money, our children’s money, and their children’s money???  Or do we just not comprehend just how much money this actually is?


      So many people are currently out of work right now and the money that the government is spending is not going to create the jobs needed for the American people… US!!……. Just how much is TEN TRILLION DOLLARS (spread over ten years) split up for every American living today? Think about that! I really don’t know myself (but I bet it’s a lot)  I bet it would serve us better if this budget they are voting on, and the Dem’s are going to pass, was actually put into the American people’s pockets so we could invest in ourselves and our families.


      What the government is doing is actual theft if you think about it… They are passing a budget to spend more money than this country has ever spent and we don’t have that money in the bank. So how are they going pay for this with no money you ask?…. They are going to print money. This would be akin to you or I printing money from our home computers and spending it writing IOU’s, knowing we could not pay it back in our lifetimes.


      To cover this dept our government is writing IOU’s to China… China is still a communist country and one of our largest challenges in this world. They have and will continue to be a thorn in America’s side and we are getting soooo far in dept to them it is not even funny… Is this smart? Is this smart?


      Meanwhile the government is spending this money at an unprecedented pace on things that are meant to grow our government giving them more control over our lives. They are putting programs in place to make the population more dependant on the government when we are out of work and we are at our weakest as a nation. By the time we as a people wake up and figure out what is happening to our freedoms, (because you know that when the government is taking care of you they will also think they can tell you what you can and can’t do) it might just be too late to do anything about it and our freedom’s will be a thing of the past….




     Think about that… think about what this means.






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