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TODAY IS: 04/04/2011





Warning: Do NOT F*ck with Liberty and Freedom


Are you a rightwing extremist? Are you looked at as a potential terrorist?

Find out HERE! Download the PDF where your Govt paints you as the emeny!!



What is going on in this Country?

It is almost as if we are taking a trip down the rabbit hole.



Scroll through and read some thoughts on what is happening.

The thoughts expressed within do not make me an extremist, they make me a Patriot, it is my right and duty to express them!

The very fabric of our Country is stressed to the ripping point.

What are you going to do to help keep America free and safe?

1st thing

"Look at the world from 50,000 feet"

"Not from 10 feet

It looks a lot different"


We are deep into phase "Divide and Conquer"

Republican, Democrat, Black or White, stay United.

United We Stand - Divided We Fall

Are You American First?


As of: 09-23-2009

Current Terror Alert Level:

The official Govt level is still at Yellow.

However with the amount of activity and chatter that has recently been observed we should have already raised the level to orange as a Nation.

Keep your eyes and ears open, we the people are the first line of defense.



Heed This Warning

               This is a warning to any person, Country or entity who would try to take away freedoms from America and the American people. We are a free people who have bled and died in the name of freedom for generations and we are willing to defend these freedoms with our own lives if necessary.

We will defend these freedoms for our families, the generations yet to come, and for those who have given their lives in defense of this great nation. We will not let their sacrifices become a stain in history; we will hold these men and their memory in the highest regard.

  To those who would seek to take away our freedoms heed this warning…

We are the people of the United States of America and we will defend her.

See, I am only one man, but I know I am not alone.

Heed This Warning

The most important right is Freedom of speech

The second most important is the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd protects the 1st

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Update: 04/04/2011