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September / 11th / 2001




Don't EVER forget...



What started it all...

Why are we now worried about how the terrorists are being treated?

The security United States of America should should be our top priority.

How many terrorists were water boarded... 3?

How many lost their lives on 9/11/2001?


Now go cry me a "F'n" river about the three POS terrorists!



The Falling Man  



This is who I am willing to fight and die for...

And children like her all over the USA.


A very real uncut video from a woman watching the entire day develop.  



News Coverage

At 1:47 plane 2 hits live



Lee Greenwood

God Bless The USA!









Where were you?





There is no embed on this clip but watch it!

This is from Feb, 2009

Didn't we save Kuwait's Ass?

Now this Kuwaiti Professor is gonna say this ish?

Watch, how our enemies think on a daily basis...



Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Nafisi Suggests about a Biological Attack at the White House and Prays for the Bombing of a Nuclear Plant on Lake Michigan






Have we lost our minds in 2009?


We can NOT forget the men and women who died for our freedoms!

We can NOT dishonor their memories!






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