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Mahn 2 years ago
Well when the original land grabbers arrived, there weren’t any Americans. Granted it doesn’t make it any better, but we still have to learn from mistakes of the past. So you’d just let basically south and Central America to kick our front door in and walk in unchecked? Sounds exactly like what happened in colonial America, only it ain’t the British, Dutch, French and all other European countries doing it this time. What happened to all the Whataboutism Snow? And I do believe I stated perfectly that immigration needs to be done legally. So where is the problem with that?
Zulkidal 2 years ago
Salut voudrais tu discuter ou plus si alléché
Zulurisar 2 years ago
check to see if phartesia cowart was enjoying the festivities.
Kazisida 2 years ago
Loved the movie. I truly loved hearing your moist vagina and witnessing you squirt.
Kezil 2 years ago
They are discussing the hot seat and chit chat bar at banned camp

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