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Gashura 1 year ago
Precious goodness gracious! That chick may be the best lady I've ever seen!
Tujind 1 year ago
I observed like 5 times
Vushakar 1 year ago
But not hungover. Win-win.
Duramar 1 year ago
They don't identify as white nationalist. One of their biggest bruisers that makes snowflakes head for the hills is Tiny . He's a black guy. It's fun to watch Tiny make the snowflakes run. Tiny doesn't even have to get physical with anybody. He just goes and stands near anybody Antifa is hassling and the little p*ssies go running to try to find some women to hide behind.
Samurg 1 year ago
Also; he's doing a petition to give finally subject big tech to anti-trust laws to end their censorship.

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