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Faulrajas 1 year ago
Mother had a hip surgery this past Friday. Went well. But they want to put her in a rehab home which we are fighting. Their idea of controlling diabetes is not by selective meals/diet... its by shooting you up with insulin. In the past her sugar had reached 400... which she never really does under a decent diet. But either way I have to make a decision of whether or not following up with my annual trip to IL for the convention I attend during 05/16 - 05/19 . . . i have the plane tickets bought since 2 months ago and the hotel since 4 months ago... I hate moments like these.
Togul 1 year ago
My kid yells like a coyote at Walmart, licks the shopping carts and opens candy like it's her God given right. 😭
Shakagor 1 year ago
We have lots in common. :)
Kigasar 1 year ago
2+2 is 4
Kigagrel 1 year ago
Holy hell if i didnt belive in god b4 i sure do now u r so angelic gorgeous

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