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Gujora 6 months ago
who is the lady with the sleeve tattoo arm?
Mikakazahn 5 months ago
I also think the words used matter. The ex-gf of a celebrity died recently and he was on social media calling her his "soulmate" and the "only woman I truly loved" and he had a long-term current girlfriend who ended up breaking up with him.
Zuludal 5 months ago
Well, you can if they cannot recover the body right? In instances of when people are lost at sea, in a plane crash, or killed in battle. Also if someone is abducted and missing for a long It's called death in absentia. In the case of the show, there was a body and his death was faked. [Not by him, but by a drug lord... it's a long story lol].
Juzil 5 months ago
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