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Doule 2 years ago
Where you from, wanna have a milf sex?
Tukora 2 years ago
I just fapped to a sushi being fucked. What is wrong with me
Tak 2 years ago
I agree. My purpose here is to let people know how an Evangelical Christian views things. I am not trying to prove anything, only trying to let others know how I view something. I am also here to understand WHY people with opposing views have those views. Any good interviewer can keep asking questions until it becomes difficult to answer, at that point most people on both sides begin to deflect.that is disappointing, I always hope they will be more ho est than that.
Mazugar 2 years ago
Yay! Congrats to her! But...why did i read that in a monotone voice?
Mauzuru 2 years ago

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